Step inside our Nottingham Workshop
We invite you to learn about who makes your African print clothes

More than 60% of your African print dresses are made by us in London, Nottingham and Cameroon. The other 40 % are made in Leicester, UK by two lovely sisters with over 10 years experience in the Fashion Industry. Currently, we have a team of 21 seamstresses ( spread across our 3 workshops here in the UK ) who work diligently 5 days a week to make your clothing. Our mission is to produce African print dresses responsibly, with thought, soul and care. Each step of the process, from design to patterning to cutting, happens in house. Our core values are simple: to make African print clothing transparently, in the most responsible way we know how.

All the African print fabrics used in our collections are source from Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, Ghana and sometimes Ivory Coast. Our aim is to one day open a big African print manufacturing fabric company in Cameroon , so we can produce African print fabric in a sustainable manner and create more jobs in our community .

We have a team of dedicated, qualified and hardworking seamstresses with a passion in making beautiful clothing. We ensure they can pursue their passion in the best possible conditions we can offer.

Ready for your first african print dress?

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