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African Clothing For Women


Role: Co-Owner – Marketing, Design, and Finance

Born: West Region Cameroon Bamileke

Speaks: French and English

I Firstly moved from Africa to the UK on a student visa to study finance in London. After finishing my studies; I knew nothing is guaranteed. I found myself with £50 in my bank account and no guaranteed job prospect. I used the £50 in my account to start Grass Fields with my twin sister Michelle. We both needed a source of income after finishing our studies. So we took the biggest risk of our life’s and started our company in Spring 2013.

My mother is one of the most important people in my life and she named the company Grass Fields. The aim at the beginning of the company was to make a better life for me and my mother. This passion grew into a mission to prove to myself and others that something beautiful can come out of Africa. The aim of Grass Fields is to one day be able to provide jobs and prospects for Africa and the beautiful communities. I would like to one day manufacture our garments in Africa. More specifically Cameroon where I was born and raised.

3 ways to describe my personality: Serious, integrity and humble.

3 ways to describe my style: Classic, Smart, with a hint of colour.

A little secret – Not many people expect girls in fashion to be into animation. But I love animations

African Clothing For Women


Role: Digital Marketing Executive and Video Producer

Born: England

Speaks: English and Jamaican

I am an only child so growing up with art and drama was a great way for me to express myself. I then went on to study theatre and art in North London. After I finished my studies, I took various roles in sales and marketing and fell in love with content production and branding. All I needed was for someone to give me the chance and Grass Fields did that for me. Passion, forward thinking, and creativity is what is important to me and Grass Fields shares my values.

3 ways to describe my personality: Loud , Creative and Focused.

3 ways to describe my style:80s Glam, Classic, Well fitted.



Role: Customer service representative

Born: Nigeria

Speaks: Yomba, English

I have always been organised and enjoy helping to people. I studied textiles at university, but often felt misunderstood as I always wanted to design colourful and bold prints. My tutors would always ask why, and I would say these are the colours, prints and fabrics that I know! I love to be creative and bold. Grass Fields has given me the opportunity to grow in so many ways.

What makes me happy: Singing, African Jollof rice and helping people.

3 ways to describe my personality: Creative, organised and friendly.



Role: Warehouse operator

Born: Romania

Speaks: Romanian, Hungarian, Spanish, English.

I started at Grass Fields in 2013 and found my home. Before I worked for grass fields I was a cleaner and didn’t have much direction but I always had high ambitions. I discovered that I am a very organised person and love looking at all the colourful African fabrics every day. My passion is travel and I have travelled all around Europe. Spain is the best place I have visited - I love the people, they are very friendly! In the future, I would love to visit Africa.

What makes me happy: I am an adventurous person and have a large family, so children make me happy.

3 ways to describe my personality: Positive, kind, friendly.



Role: Seamstress

Born: Pakistan

Speaks: English, Pakistan

I am from a very large family, I have 6 sisters and 2 brothers. I have been sewing ever since I was a little girl - I love to sew! When I was first starting, I used to sew children’s clothing. Before I worked for Grass Fields, I worked in retail but was always dreaming of a more creative career. Even if I had a million pounds I would still want to work as a seamstress as it is my passion, but I would also like to give back by helping the poor in any way possible.

3 ways to describe my personality: kind, confident and easy going person with a lot to offer.

3 ways to describe my style: Bold patterns, modest and smart.



Role: Seamstress

Born: Congo

Speaks: English, French

I first moved from Congo to England when I was 20 years old but I travelled back and forth over the years to visit my large and joyful family. I love my country Congo but what makes me the happiest is fashion and creating. I enjoy sewing and designing, and I like sexy, bright and vibrate dresses. Of all the colours, I would say I am the colour yellow. I shine like the sun but I am mellow and quiet. I like to get things right and I love to learn new skills.

3 ways to describe my personality: hard working, gentle and a perfectionist!

3 ways to describe my style: sexy, bold and bright.



Role: Seamstress

Born: Nigeria

Speaks: Yomba and English

I am from a large family and have a beautiful family myself; I feel this has made me the confident, funny, and passionate person that I am today. I love to make people laugh and smile. I love fashion. If somebody gave me a million pounds I would shop till I dropped! The clothes that make me happy are well made, with bold prints and are tight fitting to my figure.

3 ways to describe my personality: hard working, passionate and a perfectionist.

3 ways to describe my style: sexy, bold and bright.



Role: Stocktaker and Garment Pressor

Born: West Africa Ghana

Speaks: English

A while ago I couldn’t find work, but I was determined to be the best that I can be. I am an independent, confident, and creative woman who has a passion for fashion. I love being the stock taker at Grass Fields - it’s just like shopping in the best store in the world! Although I love fashion, but I also love to cook. My family and friends will tell you I make the best FuFu in the whole of Africa!

3 ways to describe my personality: Fun, passionate, love to singing and food.

3 ways to describe my style: Casual, well fitted and unique.



Role: Seamstress

Born: Lithuania

Speaks: Lithuanian, Russian, Polish

I am from a small family and I am a very quiet and soft-spoken person. Sewing and fashion is my way of expressing myself to the fullest. When I am at work I sew. When I am at home I sew. I live to sew and design! This is what makes me the happiest. I have been lucky that I have travelled a lot throughout my life. My dream is to visit Africa some day because I love spicy food and the bright fabrics.

3 ways to describe my personality: Gentle, passionate, and quiet

3 ways to describe my style: Clean, modern, and bold.



Role: Sampling and seamstress

Born: Sheffield

Speaks: English

Before I came to Grass Fields, I was working as a commissioned fashion designer. Now I create beautiful designs at Grass Fields. I live and breathe fashion. I am continually learning more about the fashion industry and I am always aiming for the top. My friends and family would describe me as a determined and ambitious person who wears what she wants, when she wants!

3 ways to describe my personality: Ambitious, passionate, and determined.

3 ways to describe my style: Modern, free and emotionally lead.



Role: Operation Seamstress

Born: Romania

Speaks: Romanian, English.

My role at Grass Fields changes on a day to day basis; No matter what task I am doing though, I am always listening to 80s and 90s music. Dressmaking has been my passion ever since I can remember. I am a bubbly, confident women; who loves what I do. I always set myself high standards and compare myself to no one else. I follow the beat of my own drum. I enjoy traveling and I would love to visit Africa (even though I don’t like spicy food)

3 ways to describe my personality: Loud, determined and the life of the party.

3 ways to describe my style: What makes me feel good, unique and bold.