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Which Of These Beauty Trends Have You Tried?

Which Of These Beauty Trends Have You Tried?

Another day, another trend. While there are always some classic looks, new beauty trends seem to pop up all the time. From unique nail art, to shimmering luminizers, we show you some of the most interesting beauty trends around right now. Which of these have you tried?

Shine On, Sis!

Glimmering glam is all the rage at the moment. Just coming off Coachella, and entering the summer, shining illuminators have really taken off. Whether you're into Fenty Beauty's Body Lava, or want to cop one of the more affordable alternatives, its a look that is perfect for this time of year. Maybe you'll even try making your own illuminator, like this girl.

Nailed It!

Nail art is big at the moment, why not go wacky with it? We all know Rihanna is a legend. With her successful music career, Fenty Beauty going from strength to strength, and now an upcoming lingerie line, it seems there's no arena she can't conquer. Well while we wait for Fenty Nails, check out these Rihanna nail decals. You can nail decals of Rihanna and other celebrities over on Etsy. Another unusual nail trend for the expectant mothers - pictures of ultrasound scans!

I See You

Bolder shades of eyeshadow are everywhere at the moment. Two colors that seem to be taking off are yellow and blue. Yellow was all over the runway this season, and looks set to be a mainstay too. What bold colors do you like for your eyeshadow?

Get the Grape

Grapeseed oil is fast becoming a go-to ingredient for facial creams and serums. The elements may change, but having great skin is definitely more than a trend! It's properties make it perfect for skin, and it's said to tighten, treat acne, help get rid of dark circles, moisturize, and reduce scars. Have you tried it yet?


Flushed cheeks aren't just for those who use rouge! This trend has taken the beauty world by storm, and can still look incredible on melanin-rich skin. California-based makeup artist Maria demonstrates this flawlessly. You should try it!

What do you think of these trends? Any of them you're going to try? Share your results with us on Twitter, and connect with us on Instagram. Why not leave us a comment below? We'd love to hear from you!

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