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Twins on a mission

Twins on a mission blog

Yesterday I was blessed enough to meet an inspiring, driven and talented young woman. Christelle is one half of the ‘twins on a mission’. Herself and sister Michelle have spent the last 3 years of their lives working tirelessly to set up one of the most unique and innovative fashion brands to date. Grass-fields is a collection created with love, authenticity and pride set in the roots of their African heritage with a western twist. Christelle has always been highly ambitious and recalls even from the age of 8 having that business mentality which has got her so far today. She talks to me about her life in Cameroon; about selling candy under the tables whilst in school classes and later on using her small amount of money to survive during college to buy clothes and sell them on from triple the price. After completing her Master’s degree in accountancy, Christelle struggled to find a job that was paid and even worked a six month stint for free for a firm in London. Her turning point was when she went to an interview; wearing a beautiful, vibrant, African printed wrap blazer and black skirt. On completing the interview she was told that there was a strict dress code and outfits like the one she was wearing were inappropriate. That is when she came to the realisation that changing herself to fit into the mould of the conservative, white collar expectations would be her only option if she was to carry on in her line of work. This is also what spurred her on to be where she is today; in charge of her own life, career, ambitions and style! It has not been without her fair share of struggles but as she said to me at the start of the interview “what you create in your mind is what your world becomes”.

She definitely is a perfect example of that and a fantastic icon of female empowerment so ladies if you have that self- belief and motivation nothing can stop you. You are all beautiful so show that off to the world! Christelle has a message for all her readers: “Do not change anything for your passion. Be the change you want to see. Own you differences and be who you are, after all we are all unique and have something we can bring to this world”.

Next week I am excited to let all of you readers know that I am going to meet the other half of the double act; Michelle so watch this space ladies there will be a lot more of this journey to unfold and be told!


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