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Top 6 Summer Essentials

Top 6 Summer Essentials

As we step into summer, the long dark nights of winter seem firmly behind us. It is essential, as we reach the peak of the warm summer weather, that you have everything you need to have a safe and stylish summer. Below we list our top 6 summer essentials.

1. Headwraps

Many people are unaware that UV rays can damage their hair. Summer is also generally more humid than other months, making it harder to style hair and keep it from drying out. An African print headwrap is a great way to protect your hair whilst still looking seriously stylish. For top style points, ensure to match your headwrap with your outfit.

African print headwrap African print headwrap

2. Lightweight jackets

If you spend your summers in the UK, you'll be all too aware of how unpredictable the British weather can be. For this reason, it is always wise to bring a lightweight jacket such as a cropped blazer or kimono with you to events.

3. Sunscreen

It is a wide misconception that individuals with darker skin do not need to wear sunscreen. UV rays, no matter what skin tone you have, can damage the skin and increase signs of ageing. Sunscreen should be worn daily in summer and should be the last step in your skincare routine and be worn underneath makeup. Mineral sunscreens do not contain harsh chemicals and are generally more kind to the skin.

4. Chunky jewellery

This summer, chunky jewellery is well and truly in style. The easiest way to take an outfit from day to night is to add a statement necklace and some quirky bangles. Always keep jewellery in your bag, this way no matter where you are you will be able to accessorise your outfit and elevate your look.

African inspired jewellery African inspired jewellery

5. Hydration

From drinking more water to ensuring you have a nourishing moisturiser, it is essential you focus on staying hydrated this summer. Look for skincare products with hyaluronic acid which increases the skin's moisture and avoid heavy face powders which will dry the skin out. Consider adding a weekly facemask to your skincare routine to ensure your skin stays plump and hydrated. You should always try to carry a bottle of water with you, to encourage yourself to drink more and prevent dehydration.

6. Killer confidence

The ultimate summer essential is confidence. Whether you're looking for the confidence to rock your dream bold print matching set or turn heads in a stunning maxi dress, find the confidence within yourself to rock any look you choose. As much as we love statement jewellery, confidence is truly the ultimate fashion accessory this summer.

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