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Top 4 African Restaurants in London

Top 4 African Restaurants in London

London is known for its diverse culture, delicious food options and all around inclusivity. It also has a lot of great spots where you can go to eat some of the best African food. Whether you’re looking for a traditional dining experience or contemporary spins on classic dishes, there are endless opportunities waiting for you in the city that never stops moving.


If you’re a fan of Eritrean food then Adulis is the place for you! Named after the ancient port city on the Red Sea in Eritrea, it is located in South West London’s buzzling Brixton. it’s one of those places where the reviews truly speak for themselves. We recommend the veg and meat combo, it will blow your mind!

Visit Adulis:

Ikoyi Restaurant St. James’s

A one Michelin star restaurant, Ikoyi is inspired by flavours from the West African nation of Nigeria but with a twist. Think about it as your favourite dishes reimagined in a gourmet setting, for example you can try smoked jollof rice & crab custard or overripe plantain with preserved apple and roasted kelp.

Visit Ikoyi:


A South African-inspired restaurant in Peckham serving delicious food inspired by the owner's South African roots. Try exquisite treats that have been slow cooked in a potjie pot over hot coals or their famous Kudu bread.

Visit Kudu:


Named after a handwoven table where Eritreans gather to eat, Mosob is located in Maida Vale, and known for its traditional Eritrean decor and trinkets, making for a truly authentic dining experience. As a family run restaurant, the menu is based on their mother’s recipes, so you know that everything is made with love and care.

Visit Mosob:

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