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Tips and Tricks to Lay your Edges

Tips and Tricks to Lay your Edges

If you’re a Black woman then you may have vivid memories of trying to lay your edges and having them actively work against you. Sometimes they don’t want to listen and that’s fine! But if you are fond of sleek baby hairs and need some help on how to lay your edges so they stay in place then read on for a few nuggets of advice.

Say NO to oils

Before you start, make sure that your hair is dry with little to no product on it. Excess products, especially oils, will just make the hair sweat out and the gel won’t be able to hold. If your edges feel a little dry, try moisturising them at night as part of your bed-time routine, this way in the mornings they’re hydrated but not slippery.

Envision how you want them to look beforehand

I’m sure you have an idea of how you like your edges to look so channel that! Some women like tightly curled side pieces while others like it all sleek and swooped back into the chosen hairstyle. Whatever your preference is, section your edges accordingly and keep that in mind. For example, if you like to do two front framing pieces, always do them first before doing the sides of your hair or they don’t quite lay properly.

Find your holy grail edge control

The list of available edge controls is endless but you might have to trial many to find what works best for your hair. For example, those of you with tightly coiled hair strands may find that water-based gels just make your hair curl up and not hold. In that case, stay away from Eco Styler! Try something like Gummy wax (the red one) for ultimate hold.

Go for it!

Grab your favourite edge brush (or your finger) and get to work. If you mess up, you can always fix it but it’s best not to overthink the process. We hope these tips have been a help, make sure you share your baby hair selfies with us over on Instagram!

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