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Why You Should Add Coffee To Your Beauty Routine

Why You Should Add Coffee To Your Beauty Routine

For many of us, drinking a nice cup of coffee is a prerequisite for starting a busy day. Whether you like yours as an espresso, a piping hot latte, or even prefer it iced, few things can quite perk us up for the busy day ahead than a nice jolt of caffeine. But what if we told you that you don't have to drink it?

Hailing from Ethiopia where it was first found thousands of years ago, the properties of the coffee bean prove that moringa is not the only popular plant from the region that has a variety of uses. Let Grass-fields tell you why coffee is an important part of the beauty industry and why you should include it in your routine from now on.

Coffee is a great for exfoliating

Given its texture, it's probably no surprise that coffee is popular in exfoliating scrubs. Once ground down, the granules help promote fresh skin by scrubbing away dead skin cells, making for a smoother look and touch. Let YouTuber Jessica show you how to make your own coffee scrub at home.

Banish puffy eyes

Coffee is also known to help banish puffiness around the eyes, as well as getting rid of dark circles. Due to the presence of caffeine and antioxidants, coffee can help to remove excess water and shrink blood vessels around the eyes, helping to reduce puffiness and dark circles. Let Essie Michelle show you how.

Promote hair growth

When it comes to promoting hair growth, it's the caffeine that does the job. Caffeine stimulates healthy hair production, and has also been shown to help combat baldness. The substance can help combat the effect of DHT, a hormone that promotes hair loss. It's best applied through creams or shampoos that are rich in caffeine, rather than drunk. Check out Discovering Natural's tips on how best to use coffee to help your hair.

Smoothen your lips

With the exfoliating properties we mentioned earlier, maybe it won't come as a surprise that coffee can help you get smoother lips. You can make a lip scrub by combining ground coffee with coconut oil, to make a paste. Other options include using coffee with brown sugar or honey and olive oil. Check out Ariyanna short's methods for making lip scrubs.

See? Coffee is good for more than just drinking! Which of these coffee beauty tips are you going to try?

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