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These Five Fit Females Will Inspire You

These Five Fit Females Will Inspire You

New Year, new you...? We know January is long gone now, and you wouldn't be the first person to abandon their New Year's Resolutions. Whether you wanted to learn a new language, start playing an instrument, or pick up a new hobby, it can be hard to make things stick.

For so many of us, doing more exercise and getting serious about our fitness is a popular choice for the New Year. It's not always easy to get motivated. Hey, we can't all be Serena Williams! If you're looking for inspiration, t
hese fitness bloggers will inspire you to push to the limit.

Laeann Amos-Reed

You can achieve anything that you set your mind to! All you have to do is: 1. Believe that you can! 2. Envision your self already doing so and how HAPPY you will feel after accomplishing your goal! 3. Then hit the ground running and don't stop. After you accomplish one goal then pick another. 4. Pick me as your trainer. Even trainers have trainers! And I thank mine @thesteelmill you never let up and instill in my the keys to success for me to be to know exactly how my clients feel. My transformation was hard work, consistency, and absolutely no surgeries! - Will it be hard heck, yes, but most importantly it will be worth ever exercise, rep, and bite that you eat to get there! _____________________ Order my book "A Complete Guild To A Sexier Healthier You" Amazon, Barns N Noble & With me as your co-pilot guiding you along the way, this can be you too. I am ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS! I can train you worldwide, regardless of where you live! Please view packages - 📸 @interscopephotography

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What a transformation! Online trainer - and author of 'A Complete Guide To A Sexier Healthier You' - Laeann showed off the results of her hard work and dedication to her nearly-70,000 followers. Powering forward on her fitness journey, she does not let motherhood slow her down!

Laeann Amos-Reed is definitely a woman whose incredible transformation and progress can inspire you to get back on your fitness journey.

Sai Phifer

It would be hard to deny that Sai has a body that many may find enviable. This Zimbabwean fitness fanatic lives in the US, and runs a fitness training website and athletic clothing line.

The trainer also loves to show pictures of people who have taken her '30 Day Challenge', posting before and after shots. This motivational 'grammer with over 280,000 followers could be a good one to follow.


Not all of us are into lifting weights or using machines at the gym. Akua Noni Parker is one Instagrammer who shows us a different route to fitness. The dancer and model is a proud ballerina, and makes sure she stays trim and toned through this very active line of work.


Forever fit and fabulous at 44, Kanika Nikki Utley is an inspiration to us all. The boss Bajan-American fitness queen teaches yoga and is a certified personal trainer. When she's not posting incredible pictures from Hawaii, Nikki shares food and fitness titbits to her nearly 13,000 followers.


#mondaymotivation💪 #bodyafterbaby I can't do it for you I only show you that IS POSSIBLE and give you constant reminders that once you work hard you can achieve it. This yes your journey for a healthier better you, it's a marathon not a sprint. There's no better feeling than working hard to achieve your goals. There's no secret to it at all....A proper diet and adequate exercise are your best tools that no waist trainers 💩 tea or surgery can replace. None of that will work without your tools. I've never been to a doctor and they've haven't asked about my nutrition and exercise. When you guys ask me how I do or did it? Commitment and consistency. Over the years I've shared my journey (Sttuggles) with you guys. Making healthy choices may not come easy and it won't be perfect but it's worth it. I feel better inside and out because of healthy choices I make. I chose fitness as my career because I love waking up everyday and to help others achieve health goals. #joinmyteam #leadbyexample _ 💥NJ/ NYPersonal Training and small group training available 💥Online Coaching, training, and program available at

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Last but not least, we have a fitness focused mom who made an amazing transformation. Nards is a veteran, coach, and YouTuber with her own company called the Body Lab. She likes to show before and after pics of her clients, and motivate her followers to keep going for their fitness dreams.

These are five female fitness fanatics we think could inspire you to go on your own journey. What do you think? Is there anyone you follow?

Chat to us on Twitter, and let us know how what you think in the comments below. It's always great to hear from you!

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