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These Ancient African Remedies Could Heal What Ails You

These Ancient African Remedies Could Heal What Ails You

As the birthplace of the human race, Africa is home to ancient civilisations and knowledge. Because of its incredible biodiversity, crafty people have looked to the trees and plants to find remedies for what ailed them. Luckily modern medicine exists today, but maybe some of those ancient treatments had a bit to them.

Let's explore some ancient African remedies that could actually still be worth a look at for very minor complaints.

Devil's claw for pain

It may have an intimidating name, but this plant could help deal with minor aches and pains. You can find it in southern Africa, in countries like Namibia, Botswana, and South Africa, where it has been used as a natural remedy for centuries. People harvest the roots and dry them out to make powders.

Rooibos for colds

Contrary to what the picture might suggest, rooibos actually comes from the Afrikaans meaning 'red bush'. Redbush tea is well-known across the world for its pleasant earthy taste and for the fact that it is completely naturally caffeine free! Found mostly in South Africa, when the leaves are oxidised during the tea making process, which gives rooibos its distinctive reddish brown color. Rooibos contains polyphenols, which can be anti-inflammatory and anti-viral, perfect for a DIY bid to fight the sniffles.

Ginger for the flu

Well this is a well-known one, definitely. Who hasn't boiled up some ginger tea with lemon when they're feeling a bit icky? Traditionally, the ginger roots are dried and ground up to make a powder. It's been used to treat the symptoms of cold and flu for centuries!

There you go, a bit of ancient African wisdom! Have you tried any natural remedies? Have a few tips of your own?

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