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The Tastiest African Snacks

The Tastiest African Snacks

The African continent has given us lots of great things, including incredibly tasty snacks! From suya to qumbe, your taste buds are guaranteed to be awakened to beautiful flavours. If you’re looking to try some new ones or just want validation that your favourite snacks really are well-loved, digest this…

Chin Chin

A famously well-loved snack, chin chin is a fried West African pastry, seasoned with ingredients such as nutmeg or cinnamon for flavour. Originally prepared as a special occasion treat in Nigeria, it has now evolved into being an adored snack. There are many variations of this sweet snack and it really just depends on your preference! You can find chin chin in Nigerian markets or if you want to give making it a go, follow this great recipe:


Suya is a popular Nigerian and Cameroonian snack that consists of spiced beef (or chicken) on a stick. What really makes their flavour pop is the peanut butter sauce. If you can’t handle spice then this might not be the snack for you as it packs a punch! If you’re sure you can handle the heat, then suya is a must try, and if you follow this recipe, you’ll be sure to have your taste buds rocked:

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Unlike the popular Indian variant, the chapatis we’re talking about are much more soft in nature and have been an East African staple for centuries. They go well with a cup of tea or with stews and soups. The ingredients for them are fairly simple so we think it’s worth giving them a go! Try the recipe now:


Biltong is a type of cured meat typically from countries like South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana. It’s very similar to beef jerky but the flavours are distinct. Biltong would 100% come out the winner in a flavour war between the two. It is widely available to purchase online and you can buy a range of variations such as peri peri flavoured.


A Sfenj is a Moroccan style donut, made from a sticky unleavened batter. The dough is normally shaped into rings and deep fried until golden. Although great on their own, they’re extra tasty with icing sugar dusted on them. If you come across Morroccan street food vendors, make sure to try them! If you’re interested in attempting your own, follow this recipe:

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