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The Millennial Guide to Picnics

The Millennial Guide to Picnics

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Good food, good vibes and good weather (not guaranteed if you’re in the UK).

Here’s a list of essentials you’ll need to pull off the most Instagrammable picnic of all time.

Invest in a blanket

It’s the first thing you need to sort out. Don’t get any old blanket, buy one that’s going to contrast the grass and give a canvas of colour to your picnic. To decorate, add lots of flowers, fairy lights and your favourite cushions. It’s the perfect backdrop for your bottles of Prosecco and all the other good stuff.

It’s okay to be cheesy

The trick is variety. You don’t want heaps and hampers full of food, you want a diverse selection of snacks, finger foods, and other delights that dare anybody with an appetite to pick them up. Cheese and fruit platters are perfect - they look great, they taste amazing and they make perfect partners for Prosecco.

Presentation is everything

Grab your cutest serving platters and some napkins and go to town. For bonus picnic points, use a wicker basket to store all your yummy homemade (or store bought, we don’t judge) pastries and desserts.

Put on your picnic dress

A picnic is a scene, and as host you are on centrestage, that’s why you’ve got to look the part and be comfortable at the same time. We suggest you put on your favourite Grass-fields dress, some lipstick and bop down to a beautiful field.

Well, there you have it, our top tips for having a successful picnic! Make sure to tag us in your picnic snaps!

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