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The creation of the African Map sweater

The creation of the African Map sweater

Some people spend their fall months looking forward to Halloween, or Christmas, or even the New Year so they can get a fresh start! But Grass-fields customers? Judging by the level of messages we've been inundated with recently, Grass-fields customers love this time of year because it means our patchwork African Map sweaters are BACK!

For the past few years, we have dropped these vibrant-coloured sweatshirts as soon as fall hits, and they have gone down a treat every time. Of course we are all about bettering ourselves and improving our brand, so with each year that goes by, the quality improves and the design may change slightly.

This year, the map sweaters will be released in 9 different colours; pink, burgundy, grey, red, purple, yellow, orange, green, and black.
They will be live on our website on 11th September, so be sure to save the date!
We will be dropping behind-the-scenes videos on our Instagram all week so check those out if you're interested in seeing all the details of how we make the African maps, but for now here's a photo breakdown of the process!


The Making Of The Maps

First, all the patterned fabrics that will be used are laid out on top of each other on the worktable. They are then cut into precisely measured square pieces, ready to be sewn together.

The small squares of fabric are then sewn together in strips, which are then made into huge rolls of patchwork fabric! This creates the base for the maps.

African maps are drawn onto our new patchwork fabric using stencils. They are neatly cut around, and the map has been created! It is ready to be sewn on to the jumper.

The map is sewn on to the jumper, and stands out perfectly against the vibrant, bold background.

We hope you enjoyed a little insight into the creation process! There will be a much more detailed version over on our Instagram if you're interested.

Comment below which colour you'll be ordering, and we will pick a winner from the comments to receive their sweater for free!

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