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People Are Sharing Their Stories After A Reality Star Got Told Her Natural Hair Wasn't Elegant

People Are Sharing Their Stories After A Reality Star Got Told Her Natural Hair Wasn't Elegant

Naturalistas have to put up with a lot of nonsense. Unfortunately for those of us who rock our natural hair, assumptions, ignorant questions, and judgement can come with the territory. Sometimes it can just be simply curiousity, but it can tip into microaggressions like touching hair without permission. Some people take it even beyond that.

This is Amara La Negra, Dominican-American recording artist, a leading star on the reality TV show 'Love and Hip Hop Miami' and proud Afro-Latina.

She loves to rock her natural afro, and we salute her. She looks incredible with it! But not everyone appreciates it. Natural hair Twitter is up in arms after a fellow cast-mate and apparent producer 'Young Hollywood' tried to come for Amara's hair, indicating that an Afro was not elegant.

My: Did you just Say What I Think You Said? Face #LHHMIAMI #LHHMIA

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'Hollywood' dropped a number of offensive lines, calling Amara a 'Nutella Queen', dismissing her natural hair decision as "this whole Amara, 'black and proud', afro thing." When Amara spoke passionately about the need for Afro-Latinas to have representation in the music industry, he raised a fist in mockery of the well-known Black Power gesture and accusing her of being "just a little intense about this whole African thing." Gaslighting her as an 'angry black woman'? NOT OKAY.

He got predictably dragged. 'Discount store J Balvin' is just one of the highlights.

But people also took this chance to speak up about the prejudice and judgement they had faced because of their natural hair or not looking a certain way.

It's a shame that there are still some people who think like this. People hoped that with their stories, and more visibly proud black women from all communities gaining prominence, prejudice and ignorance will decrease.

Here's to hoping!

Do you have any natural hair stories? Have people made assumptions about you for rocking your hair the way nature intended? Let us know your stories in the comments below.

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