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Own The Office With These Bold Shirt Dresses

Own The Office With These Bold Shirt Dresses

We definitely had our fun over summer. Matching sets, cropped tops, tiny shorts, mini skirts, maxi dresses... we had the most fun and the most success we've had so far, and we've been SO excited to welcome many new customers to the family!

But with great power comes great responsibility, so when it came to our fall collection we were sure to ask you all what exactly you were looking for this season. Other than slightly warmer, more modest clothing, an overwhelming amount of you wanted more work-appropriate attire. And who can blame you?! We all want to rock African prints wherever possible, including the workplace!

And so, we got to work on some more sophisticated outfits, that still have that Grass-fields charm; the sass, the femininity, etc. We will be releasing these throughout the next few weeks, and this week, we started with our Gathered Shirt dresses!

Available in four different colours; deep red, dusky brown, green and turquoise, these dresses are perfect for the fall season. Each of the patterns are so different that you could almost definitely buy all 4 and not feel like you were wearing the same dress... not that we would suggest you buy all 4, but we certainly won't stop you either! ;)

This dress is all about the finer details. The fitted skirt is modest, and the collared neckline gives an air of sophistication. But this isn't your average workwear! The gathered detailing is super flattering, and the vibrant African prints ensure you'll be the talk of the office. We recommend pairing with smart heels and a satchel bag to complete the boss look!

Which is your favourite? To pick one up for yourself, head to our website! And to keep up to date with our weekly new arrivals, be sure to follow us on Instagram.

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