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Our 3 Favourite Femcare Brands

Our 3 Favourite Femcare Brands

As a woman, it can be difficult knowing what brands to buy into that help you take care of your intimate parts, with so many on offer and so many self care fads, the choice is really endless. We understand your struggle so we’ve picked our top three brands who also happen to be Black-owned!

Femi Secrets

Femi Secrets came about when founder, Davielle Jackson, sought to create a solution for a friend who experienced heavy menstrual flows and leaking due to suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This experience became the driving inspiration behind their first product, the Pretty Panty, made for heavy flows whilst also looking cute. Today, they have an expansive range including a menstruation subscription box, teas and intimate wipes.

Visit their website to shop their range:


Born out of the founder’s own experience of pregnancy and childbirth, Coddle is a community where women can share their postpartum struggles and empower other mothers to be. With an array of useful resources on their website such as ebooks and their blog, it is a great place for mothers to learn from one another. Formulated with love, their products address issues women experience postpartum such as sore nipples.

Visit their website to shop their range:


A feminine care, wellness and beauty brand focused on creating awareness and access to sustainable and high performing products. With the intent to create a space where women of colour can see women they relate to choosing safer feminine care and wellness products. The brand is also heavily dedicated to making a positive social impact by partnering with Flo Haven in a bid to eradicate period poverty in Nigeria by providing period care products to economically disadvantaged girls and women.

Visit their website to shop their range:

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