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African Flavours from Black Owners to your Doorstep

African Flavours from Black Owners to your Doorstep

Leaving the house to eat some tasty prepared African food may be slightly tricky where you are right now, but that doesn't mean you need to miss out on those delicious African flavours.

This week, Let's Talk Black Business is bringing you 7 black owned brands that you can shop online to open your door, heart and kitchen to.

Show some support by clicking through and finding out more about each, and see how they can help to tickle your taste buds with some yummy African inspired foods.

Iya Foods

Toyin Kolawole founded Iya Foods In 2016 with a passion to find new, exciting ways of eating everyday favourites. Iya Foods strive to nourish your body with foods that are true to a culture of nourishment & exceptional flavours inspired by Africa.

The bringing together of Toyin's birth country Nigeria and naturalized country America is done beautifully through the wonderful products available for you to shop online. Take a look and help to spread Iya Food's beautiful mission and promise to spread love through food.


Dalgety Herbal Teas produces high-quality strong tasting teas using ingredients sourced from small farmers creating over 500 jobs.

Mark Dalgety founded Dalgety Herbal Teas in 1995 after discovering that most herbal tea brand in the market were using artificial flavours at the time. Mark decided to introduce a 100% natural strong flavoured herbal teas, synonymous to what people of the Caribbean have been consuming for over a 100 years.

Take a look at the delicious flavours Dalgety has to offer.

Windrush Bay

Windrush Bay was founded by Joanne Crossley, who has a passion for all things from the Caribbean. Her desire is to offer the best foods, drinks, beauty products and gifts, including a selection of gourmet treats with a tropical twist. She also wanted to feature exclusive and premium brands from independent suppliers not usually seen on the high street.

Let the authentic taste and discerning range of brands from and inspired by the Caribbean come to your doorstep.


"Padnas (pronounced pad-nuhz) was founded by two best friends with St. Lucian heritage, which is why you will find St. Lucia in our logo and a lil piece of home in our drinks."

With quality at their core, Padnas promise that with each bottle they've rolled up their sleeves and squeezed in fresh fruit juices to bring out the taste of St. Lucia. They also turned on the stove to make their own sugar syrup!

Padnas invite you to discover the fresh flavours and have a drink with them!


Hibiscus is the debut cookbook from Lope Ariyo who believes Nigerian-inspired flavours and cooking methods can transform everyday dishes into something spectacular. The book contains contains fresh, fuss-free meals that are full of flavour.

With chapters including Fruits, Vegetables & Tubers; Grains & Pulses; Meat & Poultry and Baking & Desserts, discover fresh flavours from West Africa with the Observer Rising Star of Food 2017.

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Welcome to all the new faces this week! I’ll be honest, when I saw so many notifications for new followers I felt extremely overwhelmed and a deep sense of confusion which I expressed briefly in my stories. It seems crazy to me that a man was killed because of the colour of his skin has indirectly led to me gaining new followers. I’ve spoken to friends and fellow content creators going through the same emotions as me and we’ve expressed the need for authentic allyship - that meaning continued support when there aren’t protest happening or hashtags like #blackouttuesday aren’t trending. As a result, I’m accepting this influx all in good faith and would like to thank everyone who has followed me, in addition to everyone who has recently purchased my debut cookbook, ‘Hibiscus’, and also those who have tagged me in images of my recipes they’ve made! 
For those of you who are unaware of the range of things I do within food, I am a recipe developer, food blogger/content creator, chef/supper club host and cookbook author! You may have also noticed in my bio I’ve noted I’m on hiatus. I’ll be making occasional post here and there but I don’t have an official date for when I’ll be back posting content on a regular basis (though, hopefully, I should be able to before the end of the year). In the meantime though, I’m working on rebuilding v2 of and planning how to provide more and better Okele (@okelebyla) dining experiences in future. 
I love experiencing and cooking food from all different cultures but ultimately I will always amplify food from cultures (especially black cultures) that are overlooked or looked down upon in western media. I hope that my page will encourage you to respect and learn about foods beyond your realm and unconscious (or possibly conscious) racial bias. Last but importantly not least, please remember that #blacklivesmatter is not solely an issue that needs to be addressed in the US, racism is extremely prevalent here in the UK in both explicit and subtle forms. Keep educating yourselves, speaking up against injustices, signing petitions, donating to bail funds and supporting communities. Lopè

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Aftrad Village Kitchen

Joana’s childhood memories were centered around the big family dinner table in her parents’ home, enjoying the rich flavourful home cooked Ghanaian meals amidst the stories shared by family members.

That's why Aftrad Village Kitchen was born to be a brand for quality African food products based on traditional recipes, which are easily accessible, readily available and convenient to use. Its ethos is based on use of natural ingredients, tradition and authentic taste.

Discover the mouthwatering flavours on offer and show some support.

Uncle Johns Bakery

Uncle John’s Bakery was established by Uncle John himself, John Mensah and his wife Emelia Mensah, 20 years ago. The company was birthed as a result of Nana Mary, Uncle John’s mother, passing down the family’s sweet bread secret recipe.

Over the past 25 years, Uncle Johns Bakery has remained a staple household name within the Afro-Caribbean Community and being the first in Europe to create their signature loaf ‘Sweet Bread’.

They hope their baked goods can make the lives of those in the UK a little sweeter.

We hope you can show the above wonderful black owned businesses some support and they can help satisfy your African cuisine cravings.

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