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Omarosa Compared Her Six-Figure White House Job To Slavery

Omarosa Compared Her Six-Figure White House Job To Slavery

Some people just don't know when to stop! Reality TV veteran and White House firee Omarosa Manigault Newman was recently evicted from the 'Celebrity Big Brother' House. Already on extremely bad terms with a lot of the black community, the fame-addicted realty star decided to make matters worse.

On Sunday's episode of the CBS show, Omarosa made a wholly inappropriate comparison between slavery and her time at the White House. She claimed that her being fired was akin to being 'freed from a plantation'. Suffice it to say, people were not at all impressed with the insensitive comparison.

She made the incredible claim despite the fact that she was free to leave and was paid a six-figure sum to work there, a point which many people did not miss.

Not one to miss an opportunity for further self-promotion, Omarosa used her Celebrity Big Brother eviction speech to promote her supposed tell-all book about her time at the Trump White House.

But of course, she won't be off our screens alone, and has booked an appearance on the late show this week.

We'll never be rid of her!

What do you think of Omarosa? Will you watch her Late Show appearance tonight?

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