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Look At These Stunning Scenes At Africa's First AfroPunk Festival

Look At These Stunning Scenes At Africa's First AfroPunk Festival

AfroPunk Fest, the annual arts festival celebrating black music and culture through its own rebel spirit, finally touched down in the motherland this time. Taking place over the 30th and 31st of December, the festival was held in Africa for the first time, taking place at Constitutional Hill in Johannesburg, South Africa.

It's no surprise that this epic gathering of likeminded people, brought together by the black experience and their embrace of heritage and culture, made for some stunning scenes.

This African print crop top is EVERYTHING

She's really embracing the heritage with that African print. And don't get us started on that hair! It's a slick style and a bold colour choice. Go her!

Black girl magic indeed!

What's not to love here? Our girl is rocking all black everything, fist raised in salute, and sporting a 'Black Girl Magic' necklace to further flex that melanin magic.

Doing it 'for the culture'?

We have no idea where this guy is from, but he's certainly trying his best! The black hat and vest look nice - though he must have been pretty hot, it is summer in South Africa after all! We're sure those fur sleeves on his arms didn't help with that. Well, he certainly went for it, and the Africa pendant is a nice touch. You do you.

Friends that stay together, slay together

These fashionable friends travelled from Lagos, Nigeria to celebrate blackness at AfroPunk. They are slaying in those headwraps, and looking fierce, ready to dive right into the celebration. Check out Kitana's YouTube here.

Slaying the stage

These pictures really speak for themselves!

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Here's South Africa's own Manthe Ribane owning her set

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Rainbow is the new black

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It's good to see someone rocking some color! This girl looks like she couldn't decide which color to wear, so just chose them all. Weirdly, it actually works! We're sure she had a great time at AfroPunk, especially if her warm smile here is anything to go by!

Those are just some of our favourites from the many people shared over the two days. Do you have a favourite picture? Give us a comment below!

If you were there, why not get in touch on Twitter, we'd love to see your great pictures!

Check out our other social channels too, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube , for more about music, culture, and fashion from Grass-fields!

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