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How to Straighten Natural Afro Curly Hair Without Heat

How to Straighten Natural Afro Curly Hair Without Heat

Using a flat iron definitely, gives natural afro curly hair a super sleek straight finish. But we’re here to tell you: it’s best to use heat styling in moderation only! Too much exposure to heat can cause long-lasting damage to your delicate natural curls and coils, contributing to dryness and brittleness problems. So, where does that leave you if you want to straighten hair without the heat? There are actually many heat-free options! Their end results are similar to a salon blowout, meaning they reduce 70-80% of your natural curl. If applied properly, none of these methods will damage natural hair.

There are just so many options! But which method of straightening afro curly is best for me?

Keep reading to find out our afro curly friendly recommendations for straightening your natural afro curly with out heat.

African Threading

These days, many vloggers swear by African threading. It’s a great method for both stretching and straightening natural hair. You do it by parting your hair into manageable sections and wrapping each one in thread. Weave thread works extremely well for this task. For a tutorial, watch Dephne Madyara's lovely step-by-step guide below:

Elastic Banding

Banding is quite similar to threading, except you use hair elastics. This method is arguably less effective since the bands can prevent drying. It’s also recommended that you use a slow, steady technique while banding to avoid breakage. After all, elastic bands can be rough on natural hair! The final look is wavy, stretched out curl. So, if you want poker-straight hair, this probably isn’t your ideal method. Curly Twirls has an upbeat how-to video on elastic banding:

Hair Wrap

All you need for this heat-free straightening method are hairpins and a satin scarf. After showering and combing your hair, divide it into sections while it’s still wet. These sections should be pinned flat against your head. Afterwards, wrap the scarf around your head and allow at least 6 hours for the hair to dry. When time is up, you’ll reveal a sleek, straight new ‘do!

Rollers & Curlformers

Surprisingly, you can actually use rollers and curlformers to straighten your hair. Who would’ve thought, right? When your hair is damp, apply your favourite setting product, and then start rolling. Remember to ensure even tension throughout, so your straightening results are nice and even. Allow everything to air dry before removing the rollers. You should have smooth, bouncy locks at the end. To see a full demonstration, check out Beauty With MJ's fabulous vlog:

Cool Blow Dry

Forgoing heat doesn’t mean you have to throw away your blow dryer. In fact, it's cool setting works great for straightening hair! Now, this method does take longer without heat, but the risk of damage is far lower. Simply add your preferred styling product, and then brush your hair straight with a vented hairbrush and the blow dryer.Have you tried any of these heat-free techniques? Let us know

Have you tried any of these heat-free techniques? Let us know in the comments below! You can also tag Grass-fields in your Instagram images. For more African fashion and African beauty advice, information and tips, connect with us on Facebook,Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.

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