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How to Jumpstart your New Year

How to Jumpstart your New Year

Are you ready for the New Year, we certainly are! We always set high expectations for ourselves for the new Year to be better people, practise more self-care and to stay focus on our goals but somewhere along the way we get distracted by this thing called "life" and find it difficult to start again, but here are some tips to get you started.

Step 1

Be as detail-oriented as possible, the more details the better! Having set them makes understanding your goals easier and on days you don't want to do the work, having a plan will get you through.

It also brings clarity and manifestation into your life, being able to know exactly what you want, when you want it and how it should be done is powerful!

Who's ready for the New Year

Step 2

Sometimes our goals can be based on what we see online or what we see our friends and family doing, and they may not be what is best for us. It is important to set goals for yourself for the right reason, they should be personal and life fulfilling. In the end, you should have that feel-good moment and pride in yourself.

Step 3

We all want to be the best and push ourselves but we cannot forget to be reasonable on our journey to wellbeing. It is indeed ambitious to want to push your limits but smart to listen to what your body needs, and sometimes rest is the only thing needed.

If you do have physical or health-related conditions, please consult with your health care professional to take the path that is safest for you to achieve your goal.

Step 4

Set a timeline for your goals, having a timeframe for what you want to accomplish helps to visualise the end result. Italso establishes a sense of accountability and prevents procrastination.

Step 5

Keep track of your progress. It is one of the best ways to stay motivated and have proof of your accomplishments, even the little ones. Writing them down in a book or having them on your phone is a handy way to know how far you've come. This is also great to figure out what adjustments needs to be made to reach your end goal.

Step 6

It's ok if you need to start over, life sometimes throw curve balls and we get what we least expect or want. At that moment we ned topic up those pieces and start again, and that part of learning and growing.

Whatever 2022 has in store for you remember you have control over your emotions and want skills or task you want to improve on and develop this year so make the best of it and exceed all of your expectations for 2022.

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