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Five Fierce Foundations For Black Women That You Can Buy Right Now

Five Fierce Foundations For Black Women That You Can Buy Right Now

We all know finding cosmetics and make up to match melanin-blessed skin is not an easy task. Thankfully, things have changed and some big brands are making significant strides towards making their products suitable for every woman.

Leaving aside some brands that gave half-hearted attempts to appeal to women of color - and were blasted by big name beauty bloggers in the process - here are some amazing foundations to suit your skin that you can buy right now.

Pro Filt'r by Fenty Beauty

In a pool full of shade, we still choose you | #PROFILTR Foundation

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Fenty Beauty needs little introduction. The proudly diverse cosmetics company was founded by Rihanna in 2017, and is determined to make sure that beauty products appeal to women of all shades. Fenty Beauty's Pro Filt'r foundation comes in the famous 40 shades, and apparently works wonders. This man left an emotional review thanking Rihanna's company for allowing his wife to regain some confidence. Let's hope that she has seen the impact that Fenty Beauty is having on people's lives!

True Match Liquid Foundation from L'Oréal

Though quite far off from Fenty, L'Oréal's True Match Liquid Foundation comes in a still impressive 18 shades. Not bad at all for a company that has recently caught a lot of heat for not tolerating dissenting or diverse views. It's apparently light-weight and easy to blend. Watch beauty guru Jackie Aina review True Match.

Artist Kit by AJ Crimson

AJ Crimson is one of our favourite black-owned beauty brands. With the slogan "beauty for the everyday woman", having a killer range of foundation shades is definitely a step towards practicing what they preach. Their full Artist Kit, designed for MUAs, has a range of 18 foundation shades.

Luxury Concealing Foundation by IMAN Cosmetics

The cosmetics company founded in the name of legendary supermodel Iman is keeping the game up by launching its latest line of foundation. The new shades for the Luxury Concealing Foundation hit the website in January. With its deep tones, it joins the Second To None Foundation Stick, which comes in 14 diverse shades. Watch makeup vlogger C Key's review of IMAN Cosmetics' Luxury Concealing Foundations.

Face Fabric by Giorgio Armani (Armani Beauty)

Armani Beauty has a number of foundations on its website, but its most latest is what it calls Face Fabric, and it has come with some stunning visuals on their Instagram. It's all about finding that 'perfect fit' - just like a good pair of jeans, foundation should comfortably fit with you and your look. With 12 shades, there's a good spread available for women of color seeking to finally find a foundation that works for them.

So there you have it! Five of our favourite fierce foundations with a good shade range for black women.

What's your favourite? Any brands you think we've missed out? Let us know in the comments below and on Twitter. Let's swap tips!

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