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The African Queen Transformation: Cookie’s Real Hair Care

The African Queen Transformation: Cookie’s Real Hair Care

Grass-fields Presents African Print.

The African Queen Transformations

Grass-fields would like to present Cookie from Cookie’s Real Hair Care. Cookie is an UK natural hair blogger documenting her natural hair journey, sharing the ups and downs, mistakes and lessons. So let’s get the scoop from cookie herself.

What made you become a fashion/beauty blogger?

'I looked at the most of the bloggers I followed and who inspired me and realized they were not based in the UK. I felt like there weren’t enough UK-based natural Hair bloggers, so I decided to become one and tell my own story.'

Do you wear African print daily?

'Not daily. Because I wouldn’t want to wear them daily. But in the summer, I am much likely to wear African prints.'

Would you ever wear African print to work?

'Probably not. I am not sure how to style African print so that it looks office formal.'

How do you feel about African prints?

'I love them! My mother is the one who introduced me to Ankara print. I would wear African print to family events and weddings but it was always seen as a special “outfit” something that couldn’t and wouldn’t be worn every day. As I grow up I realized I can wear Ankara whenever I want.'

What culture do you identify yourself as?

'I was born in the UK, but I identify as Nigerian.'

Before there were brands like Grass-fields, how would you buy African print clothing?

'When I go back home to Nigeria I would spend lots of time and money on tailors in Nigeria. These tailors are very talented if they knew your body but if they don’t it can become a bit of a nightmare. To be honest the biggest issue was that tailors are notorious for not delivering your dress on time. I could wait a week for my dress to be made. which is not what you need if you need your dress for a big event and you have spent over £100 on a dress that not ready or its ready and doesn’t look and fit good.'

Where do you get your confidence?

'It’s self-love and accepting myself; my past, my present, and faith in a good future.'

What is your greatest achievement?

'I don’t know, but this is a good question. My greatest achievement right now is me. I live, I love, I learn. I’ve hurt and been hurt, but I am here, trying to be better. Failing sometimes, but trying nonetheless.'

What is your greatest failure?

'Giving into the fears that stop me from doing and being my best. The fears are many and I'm not always brave.'

Was there ever a time that you felt unattractive?

'All the time. I am beautiful. That doesn't mean I always feel this way. I felt really unattractive as a teenager. I felt fat, ugly and black. It has taken time to fully embrace and celebrate the beauty in my blackness.'

What is your biggest fear when wearing bright colours?

'Insects! I mean it! Insects love me.'

Why do you use social media?

'It all boils down to vanity. I am not saying I long to be the centre of attention or that I need to share everything with the world. I am human. It’s our humanity we want to share, connect, learn. That’s why I do it. I hope it helps sometimes too.'

What was your happiest fashion memory growing up?

'I got a my-size Barbie when I was in primary school, and I wore her outfit to school on a non-uniform day. She didn’t have shoes, she had socks, and I walked to school like that. My feet hurt, I was freezing, and I looked ridiculous. But I felt like a fairy princess. A friend of my mum’s who isn’t alive now bought me this wool and brown leather coat with tassels and I always felt like Pocahontas in it. It was so warm and different to anything anyone else wore to school. I gave it to charity last year. I miss that coat.'

Do you wear African print often?

'More so when I’m in Nigeria. Most Ankara outfits aren’t warm, so they’re not ideal for the UK. I don’t wear African print in London.'

Black-owned companies have sprung up in industries such as hair, make-up and fashion. Why do you think black-owned businesses are suddenly becoming stronger and popular?

'I think it is because we’ve been overlooked for too long. Finally, we’ve decided to DIY. I think we should control what we buy. Good for us.'

Watch Me Transform!

Cookie is modelling the Lola midi dress.

But we couldn't stop there...

Cookie is modelling the African print Ranako Midi dress.

Watch Cookies' full transformation.

In case you are wondering: The dress featured within the transformation video is

Cookie can be found on YouTube, Instagram and on her own blog site: Cookies Real Haircare

Stay tuned for more Grass-fields transformations with your favorite bloggers!
Love Bianca at Grass-fields xxx
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