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We Hear You! We're Making Some Changes

We Hear You! We're Making Some Changes

Hello to our wonderful customers! We always love to hear from you, so when we sent out our survey last week we were thrilled to have so many responses. We want to thank you so much for giving us valuable feedback that will help us to grow as a business.

So because of your responses, we've been inspired to make some changes here at Grass-fields which we hope will make your shopping experience more enjoyable. Keep reading to see what we're changing starting from September this year!

We're focusing on our signature designs

We found out that, more than anything else, you love our unique designs. While each design might look simple, achieving this beautiful simplicity is a time-consuming process. After creating a new design we test many fabric combinations before deciding on the perfect match. By reducing the total number of designs we make, we'll have more time to create the signature designs you know and love.

Each collection will have something for every occasion

We will ensure that each collection offers occasion, casual, and workwear pieces. Our garments will be on-trend, whilst still providing modesty and comfort; we’ll ensure that at least 80% of our garments can be worn with a standard bra. Of course, we’ll continue to offer a small range of more revealing designs for ladies who enjoy feeling sensual in our garments.

Our sizes are consistent across garments

We realise that sizing is extremely important to our customers. All patterns have been officially updated to ensure there is consistency across all our designs. This means that if you are a UK size 12, and you order 3 different size 12 dresses from our website, all three dresses will fit you perfectly!

We're upping the quality and using 100% recycled cotton

The quality of our garments will improve tremendously. Since June 2018, we have been using recycled cotton to print our designs. You might not have noticed the difference, but we think the planet will definitely benefit from this difference. Using recycled fabric costs a bit more, but we believe it’s an investment worth making. What’s more, all garments that require lining will now be lined with 100% recycled cotton. This means your favourite designs will last much longer

Free shipping and exchanges for the US and across Europe

We want you to receive your order as quickly and simply as possible. As such, shipping will be free to the UK, US, and most European countries. We will also offer reduced shipping fees to customers ordering from Australia, and Asia. Free shipping applies to our new arrivals available from September 2018. In addition, we will not be charging a handling fee if you decide to return your order for a refund. We will also be offering free exchanges (store credit), which will allow you to repurchase an item without having to pay an additional shipping fee.

Exclusive new Grass-fields content is coming

We are extremely excited to announce the launch of our ‘How To Style’ and ‘Behind-The-Scenes’ guidance for customers. As of September 2018, we will be showing you how to style your favourite pieces from our collection. We’ll also be providing detailed behind-the-scenes content on how we make each collection come to life!

We're amping up our customer service

Customer service is extremely important to us and we will be working hard to improve our service standards. We will spend one day every month training our customer service agents to answer your questions thoroughly and to solve your enquiries as quickly as possible (no excuses!). Trustpilot will also be installed on our website from September 2018 so you can share your reviews with others. Unfortunately, we do not currently have the resources to provide 24/7 customer support. We sincerely apologise to any customers who had to wait a little longer than usual to receive a response; we hope the above changes will prevent disappointment in the future.

Prices are going to change

Because we’re making so many exciting improvements to our business, we must alter our price list to ensure we’re still making a profit. Our updated price list reflects the fact that all of our garments are made with premium-quality fabric, every worker involved in the production process is paid a fair wage, and many of our customers will enjoy free shipping. Rest assured, the website will be updated to ensure your checkout process is as smooth as possible.

Since we started in March 2013, we’ve established a loyal following of customers. We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for all your support. We promise to keep growing as a business and will continue to act on the feedback you provide us!

Reach out to us on Twitter and in the comments below, and for more Grass-fields updates join us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube too.

Until next time, keep shining!

Love, Grass-fields x

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