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Grass- fields First African Clothing For Kids Collection

Grass- fields First African Clothing For Kids Collection

Why did we created the Grass-fields Kids Collection?

After receiving endless emails from our loyal moms who love our African print clothing, we finally decided to listen to your request for an African print Kids collection!

Simply because we want the next generation to grow up in African print and be proud of where they come from.

After becoming moms ourselves we couldn’t find any other brands selling African print clothing for kids that are affordable and not made to order. So we decided to create our own collection; why not?

Representation matters. It is important our kids grow up to not only see us wearing African print but to be able to wear it themselves.

Why is the Grass-fields Kids Collection unique?

We knew we wanted the same fun and beauty we see in the Grass -fields womens’ collection but we needed to keep in mind that kids clothing would not be worn in the same way. We realised quickly that simple shapes and designs will allow kids to play and dance without restriction. We took into consideration all the rules and guides governing the making of clothing and we are so proud of the clothing line we created!

The African print fabric used in making womens' clothing was also used in making the kids collection so there are a lot of “moms and me” matching African print dresses available.

As always, each design is made with love in the UK with authentic African wax print fabric sourced from Cameroon, Nigeria and Benin.

We always keep in mind our key principles when designing each piece within the Kids Collection – and that’s comfort and functionality! For every piece of kids clothing we designed we stuck to the same principles “Is the outfit easy to wear and easy to remove.?” If the answer was ever “No” we redesigned until the answer was “Yes!”. We needed to make sure mommies did not have a never-ending struggle to get her little one dressed or undressed. Some of the best features in the kids collection are:

Buttons Opening and Closing

Buttons running down the whole of the back of the dresses for ease when dressing your little one.

The Little Details

Small collars for the boys' shirts for a formal look.

Peep a Boo

Button less African dress with a peep back that are hand tied allowing you to easily get your little one in and out of their dress quickly and without issues or risk of buttons. Perfect for ages 1- 12 years old.]

We thank you for your endless support. We hope you feel all the love we put into every piece of clothing.

With love from Christelle and Michelle.

Sneak Peek - The Grass-fields African Print Kids Collection.

Coming Soon!

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