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Fall in love with your Autumn wardrobe

Fall in love with your Autumn wardrobe

It’s nearly that gorgeous time of year once more. The time when the leaves turn golden and fall from the trees, the smell of pumpkin spice is in the air, and we gotta bring up the sweaters from the basement because summer is leaving us. She’s gone, girl didn’t even say bye!

We love using fall as an excuse to stay inside and get all cosy in front of the fire – wrap up in a blanket, drink some hot cider and plan our Halloween outfits. But the reality is that we still must go about our everyday lives (boo!), and we need to look damn good doing so. And so, no need to thank us, we have compiled a list of our favourite fall items from our website, for all of your cosy-but-cute needs!

Starting with this week’s new arrivals, our midi matching sets!
Ideal for any occasion, they can be worn in the office or dressed up for after-work drinks. We recommend pairing them as a matching set, but the beauty is that both items can be worn separately too! The tops would look so cute with high waisted jeans, while the midi skirts will really stand out when worn with a more neutral, plain top.

Next up we have our jumpsuits! They are perfect for the transition from summer to autumn. Jumpsuits are probably the most comfortable thing you can wear, and require minimal effort to style which is always a bonus as the mornings get darker and the snooze button gets more tempting.

Would this even be a Grass-fields post if we didn’t mention our African Map sweaters? Sweaters are of course a fall staple, and our iconic map embellishment makes these unique sweaters a real conversation piece. Made up of over 30 separate pieces of fabric, no two maps are the same! The sweaters are available in 10 colours, but we think burgundy, green and grey are the most fall-friendly tones.

Our Dashiki sets are another ideal addition to your wardrobe – the tops are cropped, so they aren’t quite set for winter, but they’re paired with pants which make them an amazing transitional piece for the slightly cooler months. These sets stand out on their own, so minimal accessories are needed. Just add a pair of strappy sandals and you’re good to go!

We could make this list much longer, but we’re going to round things off with our new asymmetrical pants. Available in a variety of patterns, these versatile babes are so great all year round, because they can be dressed any way you want! Most of our customers like to wear our pants with crop tops, but there’s nothing stopping you from going ahead with a sweater or chunky knit, or layering up with a jacket!

We will continue to release new arrivals every week, so there are many, many more fall pieces to come! Let us know in the comments what you’re hoping to see from us over the next few months, and don’t forget to follow our Instagram to be kept up to date with all the latest arrivals.

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