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Cute Fits of Grass-fields #2: Afropunk Edition!

Cute Fits of Grass-fields #2: Afropunk Edition!

This weekend saw AFROPUNK take it's very own festival to Brooklyn, to celebrate black music, black culture, and just have a damn good time. AFROPUNK, in it's own words, is "defining culture by the collective creative actions of the individual and the group. It is a safe place, a blank space to freak out in, to construct a new reality, to live your life as you see fit, while making sense of the world around you".

We absolutely love this ethos, and apparently a whole bunch of you guys do too! We were tagged in so many gorgeous photos from the festival, that we felt the need to show our appreciation for your beautiful faces - so here is a collection of some of our favourite looks from the weekend. Hope you enjoy!

First up is Akushika in our Joasia Matching Set! This look captivated us - her afro, her outfit (we're allowed to say that, right?), but above all, her smile! That pure happiness radiating is just so beautiful. We also love the strategic foot placement - girl wore gorgeous shoes, she will be damned if the skirt covers them up ;)

Next, we have Erin in our Yerma set! This outfit is relatively simple - just some minimal jewellery and shades to accessorise - but it works perfectly for that "I didn't try hard but I still look incredible" look. Maybe it's the perfect co-ordination of the trainers, but regardless, Erin has it nailed.

Did we audibly gasp when we got tagged in this photo? Yep, you caught us. Are you surprised?! Antoinette is stunning in our Genevia maxi dress, with the most incredible floral headpiece we have ever seen. African queen comes to mind.

Shalice tagged us in several photos this weekend, but this one easily got the spotlight because the makeup co-ordination with her outfit is just perfection! We love the combination of glowy golden eyeshadow paired with gorgeous deep red lips, and it matches our Hima matching set perfectly. Love!

It's rare we see our clothes portrayed in this way, so this one definitely stood out to us. Chelsea has paired our Neha mini skirt with a velvet choker, chunky Dr Marten boots and retro sunglasses, and she looks incredibly bad-ass!

And that's a wrap on AFROPUNK for now! We were tagged in so many gorgeous photos that we couldn't feature them all but we really appreciate that so many of you represented us at the event. You can see the rest of our customer highlights for the week over on our Instagram story!

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