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Christmas with the Children and the Arts

Christmas with the Children and the Arts

The Children and the Arts charity supports disadvantaged children and children in hospices who would not get the chance to have a creative education or take part in the arts otherwise. They have been working for over 15 years like this to tackle inequality and provide a brighter, healthier and happier childhood for those who otherwise would never receive one.

It was founded by Prince Charles in 2002 after he recognised that children in the most deprived areas were not getting their right to a creative education fulfilled. The charity believes that taking part in the arts can have wide benefits across the whole of a child's life.

"Participating in the arts helps children to understand the world around them; it overcomes barriers, improves communication and academic skills, and sparks the imagination."

The charity's work with children in hospices is also hugely valuable.

"The arts allow children in hospice care to express themselves in nonverbal ways whilst giving families the opportunity to bond.

"Overwhelming evidence shows that arts therapy can have a profound impact on personal fulfillment, encouraging relaxation, stress-reduction and supporting symptom relief and physical rehabilitation."

We are so thrilled to be able to support a charity like this because at Grass-Fields we believe life is all about experiences. No child should ever be limited by the circumstances of their birth. We also believe that exposing children to new creative life experiences they would never have had, due to poverty within the family or sickness, gives inspiration and hope to families and children as they grow to shape the world we live in.

This means we are all richer in life when children have a creative education.

How can you help?

We are launching a very special Christmas collection and we will be giving a percentage of our profits to help fund and support the Childen and the Arts charity. This collection will be a whole range of pieces, from African print dress to jumpers. This will launch on 13th December 2017.

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Love Grass-fields XXX

Fund Children and the Arts.

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