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BTS: Shooting New Arrivals

BTS: Shooting New Arrivals

Over at Grass-Fields HQ, we spent a day shooting our new arrivals. The day went really well, and we couldn’t be happier! Fun, food, and fashion - what more could you want?

Hair and Makeup

We started out the day in hair and makeup. Abby arrived with her makeup already done, so we just had to get the other models camera-ready! Gina, one of our stunning models, happens to be a hairstylist, so she was helping with Jerri’s hair.

Starting the Shoot

I went about allocating all of the outfits for the shoot, making sure everything was ready for each model. I then helped to get Abby ready for the shoot, and took the role of photographer because Lola was unable to do the first half of the day.

The shoot was off to a successful start! I was doing what I love, coordinating the models throughout and making sure they looked good. I also helped the models in between shots, to make sure the new arrivals were captured in the best way possible!

Here’s a peek at some more of the incredible garments on our gorgeous models:

Jerri and Gina can always be found dancing in between shots - you can’t stop them!

Ladies Who Lunch

After the first part of the day, we broke for lunch. We opted for Nigerian food, and it was incredible! With yam porridge, succulent plantains, meat and shaki, it’s pretty safe to say we were all in heaven.

Content Creation & Wrap Up

After lunch, we returned to the studio for some content creation, which is always characterised by a lot of fun and laughter!

We’re all so excited about these new arrivals, and we really hope you love everything from the new collection! Let us know what your favourite pieces are in the comments!

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