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Watch These Black YouTubers For A New Perspective

Watch These Black YouTubers For A New Perspective

Beauty and fashion bloggers and YouTubers are great for the latest style and make-up advice. Here at Grass-fields, we've picked a few black YouTubers outside of these areas, who are bringing a new perspective through living their lives a little differently.

Maryjane Byarm

She may have gone viral through living out every naturalista's worst nightmare, but there's more to Maryjane Byarm than bad luck at the local hair salon. The American moved to Shanghai to study, with her sister Christine and likes to share her stories of traveling through Asia, and life in Shanghai. She decided to move to Tokyo in January 2018, and now vlogs from the Japanese capital.

From exploring local cultures, going on shopping sprees, sampling local delicacies, to talking about her everyday experiences, Maryjane takes her followers on a fascinating journey through East Asia through the eyes of a black girl.

Watch her explore K-Town, the Korean neighborhood in Tokyo.

Sarita Robert

Ever wondered what it's like to live in one of the northern most places on Earth? Sarita Robert, a French-Kenyan living in Norway could provide some insight into that.

The make-up and lifestyle vlogger moved to Norway in 2015 for love, and still lives there with her son. Sarita talks about her life, the dating scene in Norway, and gives tips to people thinking about visiting or moving to the Scandinavian country.

Sarita gives a fascinating insight into life as black woman in Norway, and shares her makeup and lifestyle tips. Watch her run down from fun facts about Norwegians.


London-born Lagosian Estare likes to share fashion and make-up tips, and vlog about her extensive travels. She talks about her life in Nigeria, and celebrated her marriage to her Ghaniain partner last year.

When she's not sharing her shopping hauls or dishing out those natural hair tips, Estare is prolific traveler, and lets her viewers in on her exploits around the globe.

Check out her video about exploring Morocco, and her trek into the Sahara Desert.


How many people can say they've been to over 100 countries? Globe-trotting Jamaican Canadain Oneika has racked up the airmiles and hit countries on six different continents.

Somehow she manages to find the time to travel while hosting two webs series for the Travel Channel and working as the travel expert for Canada's CTV breakfast show 'Your Morning'.

The self-confessed thrill-seeker also shares insights on her blog, and has an interesting list of countries she'd recommend for black women to travel to. Constantly on the move, this New York-based vlogger shows no signs of slowing down!

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