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Black Woman Sues Walmart For Discrimination Over Locked Up Hair Products

Black Woman Sues Walmart For Discrimination Over Locked Up Hair Products

A woman in California has launched a lawsuit against the supermarket giant Walmart for locking up black beauty products. Essie Grundy said she went to Walmart to buy some hair and beauty products, and was shocked to find out that many black brands were locked behind glass.

She said she could only get the products once an employee came to unlock the cabinet, and, to make things worse, insisted on following her to the checkout to pay.

Is this another case of the perils of 'shopping while black'? Grundy said she wondered why a comb costing 48 cents was locked away while other more expensive products, that were not aimed at black women, were freely available and not behind a glass.

So what did people think? Many thought it was a classic case of discrimination.

Many thought it was time for black customers to boycott Walmart, and spend their money elsewhere.

Some people decided to share their own stories of black products being subject to an extra layer of security.

Some people weren't convinced that it was discrimination, however, and called for a greater focus on issues they considered important.

Walmart gave a response to the unfolding legal situation. A spokesperson said:

“We serve more than 140 million customers weekly, crossing all demographics, and are focused on meeting their needs while providing the best shopping experience at each store.

“We’re sensitive to this situation and also understand, like other retailers, that some products such as electronics, automotive, cosmetics and other personal care products are subject to additional security.

"Those determinations are made on a store-by-store basis using data supporting the need for the heightened measures. While we’ve yet to review a complaint, we take this situation seriously and look forward to addressing it with the court.”

Grundy is being represented by Gloria Allred, who has represented many woman in high-profile lawsuits over the years. She's not going down without a fight!

What do you think?

Is this another case of discrimination, or are Walmart and stores just protecting high-risk items?

Join the conversation on Twitter, and let us know how you feel in the comments below.

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