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Come Behind The Scenes at our August Photoshoot

Come Behind The Scenes at our August Photoshoot

One of the most exciting aspects of working for a fashion company has to be the shoots! Ours take place once a month in London, and we always have so much fun. Today we'll take you through a little run-down of how our August shoot went down.

7:20AM We left our hotel and hopped in a taxi to take us to the studio in East Greenwich, bleary-eyed and in desperate need of caffeine.

7:50AM We arrived at the studio! At this point, only our photographer and assistant Lola had arrived.

8AM Our videographers, makeup artists, and of course our gorgeous models, Gina and Jerri turned up! They started getting their makeup done, while we watched in awe of Dolly and Toni. True artists at work! I will never know how Dolly gets the eyeliner so dark and smoky but I won't rest until I find out.

8:30AM Ever the professionals, we were still working on some last-minute bits of content planning. It's difficult to know exactly how things will work until you arrive on set, but we like to plan pretty in-depth beforehand just in case!

9AM The girls were ready, and our new model Rebel arrived! As she got her makeup done, Gina helped our videographer test the lighting and camera settings.

10AM Lola got Jerri and Gina dressed into their first outfits of the day, and we were good to go! The shoot had begun.

11AM The shoot was in full swing when our manager called to let us know that half of the outfits wouldn't be arriving! We have recently started production in a super secret location (to be revealed soon), and this was our first time co-ordinating their package with our shoot. It was not an ideal situation, but we had to work with what we had! Plus, we tried to see the positives - this meant we had more time to shoot the clothes we did have.

12PM We broke for lunch. Half the team got Five Guys, while the other half got Wagamamas. Team Waga's all the way!

1PM Lunch either energises you or makes you super tired. Which one are you? We're definitely sleepy-after-lunch kinda people, but we had to get straight back to it! There was still one video to shoot. Two down, one to go!

3:30PM We finished in record timing. Yeah, that might be due to some of the clothes not arriving on time, but let's pretend it's because of our amazing time-keeping! As we had a bit of room, we managed to re-shoot some of the outfits we weren't 100% happy with, and were still finished by 5!

5PM That's a wrap! The end of the working day arrived, and we all said our good-byes... until the next day that is! Our shoots typically work that we shoot videos on a Friday, and photos on the Saturday, so we all work together for a whole weekend. Of course our manager Christelle came to the rescue and drove up the next day with the clothes from the super secret location, so we were able to shoot those on the Saturday, and the day was saved!

Did you enjoy reading about a typical day in the life of a fashion shoot? Well, from our perspective at least! Maybe we'll get the models to give their point of view next time... not sure they'd be quite as relaxed and chilled as we were!
All pieces that we shot in the August shoot will be released weekly during September and October, so keep an eye out every Wednesday for our new arrivals on our Instagram and website.

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