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Back To School: 6 Black Owned Kids Brands

Back To School: 6 Black Owned Kids Brands

This week we saw the kids make their way back to school, so for this week's Let's Talk Black Business edit we wanted to highlight some black owned brands who have some goodies for your little ones.

There are some brands that might come in handy when sending them on their way, and also some that will keep them occupied when they're back home - so you can still get a little peace and quiet.

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1. Pigment Perfect

Pigment Perfect was built to help create a visual pathway to confidence and self-love to children (and adults) of colour. Helping them love every single shade on their skin and the magic that comes with it. By creating empowering prints and products, they provide guidance towards helping children and adults identify themselves as being powerful individuals and to help regain the love for themselves in a society where they can feel rejected.

2. Sheni and Teni

Sheni and Teni Ltd is simply a celebration of African cultures. They're passionate about creating an avenue for children to learn all about African cultures while playing.

They believe this stirs up questions about diversity, ethnicity, heritage and culture thus expanding their horizons. Sheni and Teni do this by creating unique, exciting, good quality products that you and your Littles can bond over.

3. Muffin Sisters

Muffin Sisters was born out of a passion for using traditional African fabrics merged with modern European styles to create heritage children's products. Our brand is for those who welcome the vibrant African culture and enjoy compassion in their lives.

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4. Biankha

Biankha and friends was created to empower, motivate and inspire, in particular, young girls of colour, to excel in the 21st century. Their mission is to educate and encourage young girls to embrace their culture and heritage, whilst succeeding in a modern and ever changing society, through dolls, role play, books, animation and everyday items.

5. Fefus Designs

Fefus Designs was born through observation of a lack of representation and diversity in popular characters and images reflected in children's fashion and merchandise.

Fiona found that in the fashion world, graphics representing children were not diverse enough and usually aimed mainly at only one type of consumer - and she wanted to challenge this.

Fefus Designs offer children of colour a choice as Fiona passionately believes this should no longer be seen as a privilege but instead the norm!

6. Jorae

JoRae is making swimming and water sport activities accessible to all children and adults through swimming caps designed to fit bigger hair. They recognise that hair can be a barrier when it doesn’t fit into regular protective caps, and so their swimming caps are ideal for everyone, whether they have curly or thick hair - these are perfect for your little ones' swimming lessons.

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