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An African Dream Come True. Production Begins in Nigeria!

An African Dream Come True. Production Begins in Nigeria!

We have the most incredible news that has been six years in the making…
We are finally going into production in Nigeria!
We’ve always produced in Cameroon, but this past year has been largely UK-based production – however, thanks to our amazing customers, we are now able to take Grass-fields back to it’s roots. Nigeria, here we come!

From day one, all we’ve ever wanted to do is share our beautiful culture with the world. To show what Africa is all about, and educate others on how on point our style is. We are so grateful for the success of the company so far, and that your support has allowed us to finally start production in Africa indefinitely.

Our fabrics, our influence, and our ideas all stem from Africa. Not only does the continent fuel us creatively, but it is ultimately the essence of this company!

Another key mission statement of ours has always been that we want to create jobs and boost the economy of Africa. The best way to do this is to encourage more production there, as it is incredibly important for us to put money back into the continent that made us what we are today! This Nigerian collection seeks to showcase the craftmanship and ability of our people. Sourcing and producing in Africa just feels more authentic for us!

So, what can you expect from this collection? Well, Grass-fields is all grown up now! Think modest dresses and pant suits – but with our own twist of course. These items will be perfect to stunt in the office, but equally can be dressed down for those after-work drinks. As always, the influence is a fusion of both African and European culture all in one, to create some truly unique pieces. Look out for next week’s blog post where we will be interviewing the designers of this collection to really get a feel for what has gone into it!

Following this initial range, our aim is to continue producing in Nigeria, and by the end of 2020, to include other African countries also. We are also planning to start collaborating with Nigerian designers, and other African designers as well – so watch this space! Big things are coming.

To keep up to date with all things Grass-fields, be sure to keep a keen eye on this blog. We also post daily on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, so turn on notifications to ensure you never miss a thing! We can’t wait for you to see what’s to come. Our first Nigerian collection will be dropping on September 25th, and consists of over 30 designs, so get ready is all we’re saying!

If you would like to win your favourite piece from the collection, comment below guessing what country we are aiming to start production in after Nigeria.
We will pick 1 winner out of the correct answers to win an item of their choice, so think carefully! Winner will be chosen on September 25th.

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