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7 Amazing African Shopping Malls To Make You Shop Til You Drop

7 Amazing African Shopping Malls To Make You Shop Til You Drop

Africa is growing at an unbelievable rate. This recent population growth rate is spurred on by the population numbers Africa is projected to experience in the next 20 years. These expectations state that Africa is predicted to house over 50% percent of the entire world’s population by the year 2100!

Shopping malls have bitten on to this tremendous growth trend and they have sprung up across this lively and beautiful continent.

Here are seven of Africa’s most luxurious malls, proving to be Africa’s most stylish fashion capitals.

Mall of Africa

Mall of Africa is Africa’s largest single-phase mall. Located in Midrand, South Africa. The behemoth mall is an area expanding 131,000 square metres, with a gross area of 550,000 square metres. Mall of Africa has an outside restaurant area, connecting directly to the Waterfall City Park, as well as two main levels of shopping.

The mall, an architectural marvel in its own right, is inspired by Africa’s geological features and its most iconic landscapes. The mall boasts stores like H&M, Zara Home and Armani Exchange among a whole ton of other high end fashion names.

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Canal Walk

South Africa's Cape Town is undoubtedly one of the most iconic cities in the world. Home to a ton of celebrities and their extravagant homes, Cape Town is one of the places in Africa called home by the luxury conscious.

Cape Town’s Canal Walk is among the biggest malls in Africa, and is highly regarded among the best. Built around a canal, Canal Walk spans 141,000 square metres.

The mall holds over 400 stores including clothing luxury brands like Carducci, Charles & Keith and Steve Madden.

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The First Mall

The First Mall is a luxury mall in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt, well known for its pyramids is a sensible stop in looking at the luxury malls the African continent has to offer. Egypt’s The First Mall boasts of over 300 international brands under its stable, including the likes of Emporio Armani and Tiffany & Co.

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Mall of Egypt

Continuing our stay in Egypt, we move onto the Mall of Egypt, situated on Wahat Road. The mall boasts an in-house skiing slope and a flawless architectural structure that glistens with glamour and opulence.

The mall holds over 165,000 square metres of retail space and is home to luxury brands like Rodolfo Dominguez and Gerry Weber.

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Morocco Mall

Morocco Mall is the second largest shopping mall in Africa with over 200,000 square metres of floor space. The mall features a 1000 litre aquarium that holds over 40 species of fish.

Morocco Mall boasts luxury brands like Dior and Fendi.

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Anfaplace Shopping Centre

Anfaplace is another shopping mall in Morocco. Based in Casablanca, Morocco’s seaside haven, Anfaplace captures the diverse beauty Morocco has to offer.

The mall houses 3 floors and more than 80 brands call it home. Anfaplace displays luxury brands like Lacoste and Gant.

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Ikeja City Mall

Our final stop is in Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country. Ikeja City Mall, in the suburb city of Lagos, is arguably Nigeria’s finest ultra-modern shopping mall. The mall has a floor space of over 23,000 square metres.

Ikeja City Mall is home to luxury brands like Ennzo and Gin Bendi.

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Africa’s wide range of luxury shopping malls across the continent from south to west and finally north is testament to the diverse style and luxury inclinations of Africans. These malls can rightly be called, 'Africa’s Seven Fashion Capitals'.

Read to shop til you drop? Have you been to any of these magnificent malls?

Chat to us on Twitter, and let us know how what you think in the comments below. It's always great to hear from you!

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