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Summer's not over yet!

Summer's not over yet!

Our sale is still ongoing and to celebrate we’ve got some special new arrivals for you guys, Meet your newest go-to dresses! They're feminine, flirty and perfect for summer nights. The self tie necklines can be customised however you like; opt for more coverage by wrapping it around your chest, or wrap it around your neck to show off your sexy back profile. With four colourways; blue, cream, pink and yellow, the choice is yours. Get your ruffle on and pick up a new dress today!

Khaila Dress

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Tisha Dress

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Bessie Dress

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Zamira Dress
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Loving these? Just in case you didn’t know, all our beautiful dresses are handcrafted in west Africa. When we started our business all those years ago, we said no to selling out and now, all of our products are selling out super fast. The moral of the story is to stay true to what you believe in and always give back to the community which gave you the lift you needed in the first place.

The dresses you see above are the latest in our forever evolving line of gorgeous fashion wear which feels modern but is deeply-rooted in our culture and history. We hope you love what we do as much as we love making it, here’s to more Zamiras and Bessies!

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