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A Letter from the Founders

A Letter from the Founders

Hello Grass-Fields Babes,

Welcome to February, a month famously known for Valentine’s Day and American Black History. We hope you all had an adventurous start to the new year; we sure did. January came and went so quickly; we didn’t realise it was already time to turn a new leaf. With excitement, we welcome everything February has to offer and say BRING IT ON!

What is your favourite thing about February? For us it’s the love that fills the air all month long. Though love should be celebrated every day, it’s nice to have a single month dedicated to it. We love seeing your pictures and videos of Valentine’s Day celebrations in Grass-Fields. Seeing you guys wear our pieces for those special dates and occasions truly warm our hearts.

For our American sisters and brothers, we this month we will join you in the celebration of Black History Month. Grass-Fields is first and foremost a platform to uplift, and we will use our voice to help amplify yours.

We have so much in store for you all this month. Our February New Arrivals will cater to those who like us in the UK are at home on lockdown, and for those like our friends in America are still out and about. To kick off the month, we have gorgeous Maxi Kimonos with matching head wraps in stunning African print fabrics making their way onto the website on February 3rd. This February, we will also drop stunning matching sets and kaftans, along with beautiful feminine day dresses to make all your girly dreams come true. We can’t wait for 4PM GMT to hit every Wednesday for new items to launch.

As you journey through the love month, we encourage you to think about what makes your heart happy. Valentine’s Day is for everyone, whether you are single or in a relationship, we hope you will celebrate yourself, grant yourselves little acts of kindness to make your heart smile.

While we continue to journey through 2021, our thoughts are with all parents who are taking care of children at home. We know what you are going through first-hand, each of us having two young children at home. Home schooling while working is not for the faint of heart, but we know you can do it!

We have a lot in store for you guys this month. We hope to make you feel valued and appreciated through and through. Thank you for your support of Grass-Fields, our labour of love.

Lots of love,

Michele and Christelle


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