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9 Ways to Wear African Wax Print Fabric: The African Print Jumpsuit Edition.

9 Ways to Wear African Wax Print Fabric: The African Print Jumpsuit Edition.

African wax print fabric is one of the most beautiful fabrics in the world. So what if African print fabric was made into 9 different styles of jumpsuits? Wouldn't you want to see them all? Wear them all? and know how to style them all?

If the answer is "Yes" I think you will find this is your lucky day! Only because we just love African wax print clothing and love African wax print Jumpsuits even more! With a little help from some of the most amazing bloggers, we have put together an African lookbook to showcase African wax print jumpsuits and how you can style them!

So, Frist up is...

The African Gypsy

Model: @Karenkashkane

Outfit Worn: See Collection

This snazzy blue geometric wax print with pale blue stars which look like flowers interlocking against a navy blue background. We think this cropped trouser version really suits this model because it shows off her gorgeous ankles, makes her legs longer and a sparkly sandal adds that extra touch of glamour to let you boogie the night away!

The African SeaShell

Model: @vvbrownskin

Outfit Worn: Makepe African Print Jumpsuit

This funky yellow leafy wax print really pops against the pale blue background. It’s gorgeous on medium to dark golden skin as it will really make the colours stand out. The design really creates curves along the body and legs creating a curvy effect and making your legs look longer and slimmer. We love the fitted tapered ¾ length leg which shows off your ankles and looks great with a kitten heeled sparkly sandal!

The Tailored African Women


Outfit Worn: See Collection

Hello African Queen! We love this sophisticated red and yellow African wax print which stands out against a pale cream background. This jumpsuit has ¾ length sleeves for added elegance and a full length trouser tied in the centre to cinch in the waist. The large red watermelon style print is really funky and fun and a great colour for pale mocha skins but will also look great on someone with very dark skin too! Accessorise with a drop necklace to show off the plunging wrap neckline. It’s the perfect outfit for a relaxed evening out with friends for a meal or drinks.

The African Purple Rain

Model: @grass-fields

Outfit Worn: NeGo African Print Wide Leg Pants and Top

Want to feel sexy and sassy? Get your booty into this delicious little African wax print jumpsuit! It’s gorgeous purple geometric hues will complement a dark skin perfectly. The long trouser length and white and aubergine stripe down the leg, really makes your legs go on forever, especially if you’re wearing a wedge heel! As an off the shoulder bandeau style top with a flouncy sleeve which shows off your midriff, it’s perfect for a hot day and will make you look and feel super cool! A bright red lip will really bring out the red in this gorgeous outfit. Accessories with some African wooden bangles for a casual feel.

The Fiery African Sun

Model: @itsmaryamasalam

Outfit Worn: Amour Wide Leg Jumpsuit

This fiery red African wax print jumpsuit with yellow flowers and green leaves on a bright red background is gorgeous on golden dark skins. The African design really brings out the golden browns of your skin. The elegant sleeve and v neckline is really great for highlighting your wrists and forearms. With a floor length trouser, this will lengthen your legs and nip in your waist showing off your booty to perfection. A fun lighthearted print with floral patterns which get bigger from top to toe, you’ll look elegant and hot in this jumpsuit!

The Key West

Model: @vvbrownskin

Outfit Worn: Bassa African Print Jumpsuit

If you’re looking for an outfit that makes you feel you’re hanging out in Key West Florida, then this beautiful yellow and turquoise print will give you that lazy holiday feeling. A swirly yellow leaf print against a turquoise blue background, you’ll feel like you’re on holiday when you wear this gorgeous sleeveless jumpsuit with ankle grazer length trouser. Wear with or without a belt to accentuate your waist and add a flirty kitten heeled sandal for added pizazz. Add a cocktail in hand and you’re ready to party!

The Little Hhalterneck

Model: @grass-fields

Outfit Worn: Ekite African Print Wide Leg Pants and Top

This little halter neck African wax print jumpsuit is a real beauty. This African wax print fabric will really flatter dark and medium skins. With a retro orange, brown and white curvy geometric print which harks back to the 70’s club scene in New York, you’ll definitely be ready for some Saturday night fever! A big bold pattern which will make sure you stand out from the crowd, this jumpsuit is cool and easy to wear. It’s long length wide trouser will make your legs look impossibly long and lengthen your entire body for added elegance. Wear this after an afternoon in the sun, when you want to sparkle and dance the night away at the club with friends. Add a wide brown leather belt if you want to draw attention to your waist.

The African Queen of the Sun

Model: @grass-fields

Outfit Worn: Fusap African Print Wide Leg Pants and Top

In this gorgeous acid yellow geometric leaf African wax print with pink flowers, you’ll definitely make an entrance! The long length wide trouser is easy to wear but best worn with a wedge or high heel. It will make your legs go on for ever and the pink flower will give you the look and feel of a Hawaiian garden party.

The African Haji

Outfit Worn: See Collection

A fiery red yellow African wax print with gorgeous geometric wavy designs, this ¾ length jumpsuit will really put you in party mode. This jumpsuit will really show off your shoulders and neckline with its v neck style. The African pattern swirls around and fans out to highlight all your best assets. The swirling red and yellow design is custom designed to make your body look great in this African wax print jumpsuit.

We absolutely love the open back on this Jump suit! because it makes you stand out for all the right reasons.

We think you’ll agree, jumpsuits are a great way to add a touch of glamour to your night out. Cropped jumpsuits also make your legs look longer especially if you team them with a high heel! We love the way you have a full outfit and don’t have to think about what to wear them with, just jump in and party on!

We’d really love to hear from you and see your pics of you wearing African print fabrics and see how you put your outfits together! Contact us or comment on our blog below!

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