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9 Vitamin Products for Afro Curly Hair Growth: Do They Actually Work?

9 Vitamin Products for Afro Curly Hair Growth: Do They Actually Work?

We all want thick, luscious, soft, natural and touchable afro curly hair. And, if you are anything like me you are trying to grow it, you want it to grow now! Not next month, or next year, but as soon as possible. Unfortunately, not everyone’s natural hair grows at the same rate, so what can you do to give it a helping hand?

There are a lot of hair vitamins for natural afro curly hair on the market that proclaim to help hair to grow, but do they actually work? Are hair vitamins effective for natural afro curly hair? We took a closer look at 9 of the best hair vitamins out there and discovered what usershave to say.

So here we are! 9 Vitamin Products for Afro Curly Hair Growth. But do they actually work?

Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins

Hair Product:

Hairfinity Hair Vitamins claim to nourish from within. Hairfinity has become a go to product for many Natural Afro hair and beauty bloggers. Is this because it works?! Or because the bottle is pretty and pink?! Who knows!

Hairfinity is a twice daily capsule containing Vitamins A, D and B12 to oxygenate and promote healthy hair and scale, along with Niacin to promote blood circulation, Pantothenic Acid for stronger hair follicles, Biotin that supports hair growth and increases elasticity and Hairfinity’s blend of amino acids.

The Review:

The Glam twinz334 had a positive reaction, despite the early skin breakouts. They said their hair was thicker with more natural sheen and less shedding. Both experienced 1.5 inches of hair growth from the first bottle and said their curls bounced back quicker than normal after straightening. Check out their review after 30 days.

Reservage Keratin Hair Booster with Biotin

Hair Product:

The Keratin Hair Booster aims to support strength, shine and growth by adding nourishment to hair. It also states it helps reduce hair shedding. It contains a wide range of vitamins and minerals, including B3, B6, Zinc, Biotin, Pantothenic Acid, Copper Sulphate and Solubilised Keratin (Cynatine® HNS)

The Review:

Amazon reviews offer mixed opinions on Keratin Hair Booster: some users found it worked well whereas others didn’t see a difference.

Gena M, reviewing the product after 30 days, said she hadn’t noticed any significant hair growth, though she did notice that her roots grew out quicker after being coloured, and believed that her curly hair was not as brittle and much shinier!


Hair Product:

Viviscal is recommended for those who want to improve overall hair health, reduce hair loss and increase hair thickness. It contains a mix of ingredients that target healthy hair growth, including Vitamin C, Iron, Millet Seed, Zinc, Biotin and marine protein complex AminoMar C.

The Review:

Blogger Beauty Deets discovered, after using the product for three months, that her natural black hair got extremely thick, was better nourished and shinier and it was shedding less. However, over the period that she used the product for her review, she didn’t experience any growth in hair length.

Sugar Bear Hair Vitamin

Hair product:

If you are thinking I have seen this before! you may remember Kylie Jenner with a sugar bear half way in her mouth. She swears by the formula. This is what made Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins so popular.

This cute little blue bear of a pill (with the catchy strapline ‘get amazing hair – eat the blue bear!’) contains a range of vegetarian vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B-6, Folic Acid, Vitamin B-12, Biotin (for hair growth), Pantothenic Acid, Iodine and Zinc.

Together, these vitamins work to increase blood-flow to the scalp, help stop excessive hair loss, promote your body’s natural oil production and improve overall hair. The Sugar Bear Hair Gummies are also made with real berries for a tasty flavour.


Cassandra had great things to say about it after 6 months of taking the gummies and her hair grew more than twice as fast as normal: she experienced 3-4 inches of growth all over her head in 6 months and her hair grew at an average rate of 0.65 inches a month, compared to her normal hair growth rate of 0.25 inches per month.

Also, Vlogger Jada Toro shared her review of the product.

Nature's Bounty Optimal hair Solutions Gummies

Hair Product:

This strawberry flavoured hair vitamin product contains Vitamin E for skin health, Vitamin C for collagen production and formation and Biotin to maintain healthy hair.

Users on Nature’s Bounty website said that the gummies had really made their natural afro curly hair thicker and longer and that nails were strong and skin was glowing.


ResilientNBlessed posted reviews on Youtube after 3 months and 6 months saying the afro curly hair product is worth it as not only had it made her nails a lot stronger (and they grew really fast) but also, most importantly, her hair had grown somewhat longer but was also really thick and super healthy. The only downside? It made hair grow faster everywhere on the body!

Vlogger Leeny Lynn shares her 1-year update/review on 4C hair.

Hair la Vie Revitalizing Hair Blend

Hair Product:

This product for natural black hair growth was created to infuse damaged hair follicles with natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, including Vitamins A, to regulate skin cells, B1 to nourish hair follicles, B complex for cell nourishment, Folic Acid, Biotin and Pantothenic Acid which promote new hair growth and increase elasticity, collagens to strengthen hair, organic kelp and more.


Jasmine Ahnie started to see results after her second bottle, including less hair thinning and more softness. Her nails also grew really well, though she didn’t experience some skin breakouts whilst taking the pills. Overall, after 90 days, her hair grew a total of 1.5 inches.

Also, Vlogger Gloria Ann shared her review of this product and length check with us all!

Shedavi Hair Growth Vitamins

Hair Product:

These hair growth vitamins from Shedavi are a herbal supplement to feed hair, skin, nails and your immune system. The contain bamboo extract to strengthen hair; Bhringraj to restore hair growth; Amla, an antioxidant with high levels of vitamin C to slow hair loss; liquorice for hair growth; Kamut which is high in essential B vitamins for healthy hair; Kelp for hair regeneration and many more ingredients containing vital vitamins and minerals for skin, nail and hair health.


Cool Calm Curly trialled this product for three months and discovered that her curly afro hair not only became a lot thicker but also grew one inch over the course of the supplements (hair normally grows at an average of 0.5 inches per month.)

TwinGodesses shared their hair growth story while using the hair vitamin product.

Haute Kinky Healthy Hair Vitamins

Hair Product:

Haute Kinky Hair Vitamins are a blend of all natural vitamins, including Vitamin C which is useful for collagen product, as is Vitamin B6; Vitamin E for blood flow to the scalp; Biotin to support hair growth and prevent dryness; Pantothenic Acid for healthy hair follicles and Zinc for collagen and keratin production and normal hair growth.


The Weave Whisperer experienced a rather astonishing 3 inches of afro hair growth in 2 months using the Haute Kinky vitamins and this included having a ½ inch trim during the review period!

Vlogger CurlsBeauty has afro curly hair. She loved sharing with us her honest opinion on the product.

The Mane Choice – Metabolism Plus Hair Growth Vitamin

View this post on Instagram

#TheManeChoiceInWalgreens @Walgreens . You can bring your curls out to play too!!! . #Repost @shes_crowned_in_curls_ Don’t think I forgot about #MaskMonday ya! 😉 The biggest excuse I always hear about deep conditioning is: Oh, I don’t have the time 🤷🏻‍♀️ Well have u met @themanechoice Pink Lemonade & Coconut 5 Minute Reviving Mask? 🤔 5 minute deep conditioning, that’s all it takes & it works amazing! I used it myself last wash day (Saturday) & these curls are out to play! 😏 What this mask does: . 💜 Deeply penetrates to enhance texture 💜 Softens, restores & repairs dehydrated hair 💜 Helps hair to retain proper moisture balance 💜 Instantly revitalizes hair strands, revealing the most optimal texture 💜 Helps support growth & length retention 💜 Minimizes frizz & improves hair’s overall quality & the proof is in the results 🙌🏽 . #TheManeChoice #TheManeChoiceTeam #TeamPurpleBottle #Manetabolism💜

A post shared by The Mane Choice Hair Solution (@themanechoice) on

Hair Product:

The Mane Choice supplement is formulated to grow Natural afro curly hair longer, thicker, faster and healthier and has the ability to rejuvenate dead, inactive and slow growing hair follicles. It is loaded with essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, which aids in the thickness and shine of hair; Vitamin C which helps build collagen; Vitamin D which plays a key role in preventing hair loss; Vitamin E to increase hair growth and strength; Vitamin K to keep hair healthy and more.


Kadijah Nicole noticed a difference within just two weeks from using The Mane Choice vitamins. She experienced hair growth that was much faster than normal and it grew 1 inch in just 30 days. The bonus was that it only grew faster on her head too! Check out her review.

SheRea DelSol shares her length check after using The Mane Choice.

Ok, So one blogger says she loves The Mane Choice and the other vlogger slammed the treatment. Check out vlogger Empressive opion on the Mane Choice Hair vitamins.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it! Nine natural hair vitamin products for afro curly with varying results. All seemed to have some impact on hair softness, thickness and hair loss, though some seemed to help hair grow faster than others. Of course, not all products work for everyone, so what works for someone else may not be the right choice for you! Hopefully, though, this information may help to offer you some guidance if you are looking for a product to boost your afro/black natural hair growth!

Do you have a favourite hair growth vitamin? Have you tried any of these products? If so, what were your results? Let us know in the comments!

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