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7 Timeless Styles For Afro Curly Hair

7 Timeless Styles For Afro Curly Hair

There are so many hair styles for black women but it can be hard to find one that suits you. Natural afro curly hair can be hard to style. You can find yourself needlessly damaging your coil and curls while trying to style your tame-less natural afro curly hair fro!

You can try and say to yourself "I promise that I will leave my natural hair alone to grow" Just like the natural hair vloggers say! but we all know we never keep our promise.

Here at Grass fields, we promise to give you that helping hand to find the best natural afro curly hair styles; that will suit you.

So here are 7 timeless styles to try on afro curly hair.

Colored Braids

If you’ve got afro hair, you’ll love this cornrow style of long braids which incorporate funky colors into the style. You can experiment with different colors like cerise or fire red, which we think you’ll agree will give you a fun and flirty style. Braids are not only practical but elegant too, and they’ll last for ages so you’ll have fabulous hair without even trying!

Natural bob style

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For a casual look, you really can’t beat a natural rounded bob for African hair. It will give your hair just the right amount of bounce and volume. For a great look that’s really on-trend right now, have a little balayage highlighting done to give this timeless look a modern update.

Half braided, Half down

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Natural afro hair can look amazing when cut and styled to make the most of its volume. A half up, half down style gives you the power to control your hair whilst still looking natural and effortless. Simply divide your hair front to back in order to box braid half the hair. Braiding the front sections of the hair will create a neat and stylish finish to frame your face, whilst still keeping your hair wild and free at the back.

Braids with Beads

Fully braided hair is such an elegant look and allows you to keep your hair neat. You can style it in so many different ways once it’s braided – Even with beads.
It's not only a trend! This style has been a part of African culture for many years.

Short and poppy

We just love this short and sophisticated style, with just enough hair to give height and volume. Styled at the sides, then keep your hair long on top to enable your natural curls to shine through. This is the perfect pixie cut for all you heart-shaped faces out there.

Relaxed curls

Using a chemical relaxant on afro hair can be a great way to inject some glamour into your look. It creates smooth shiny hair which can then be curled gently using tongs or rollers. Make sure you use a generous amount of hair product to keep the shine and curl in place.

Full frontal braids

This stunning braided look is so glamourous it will take you from work to a night out seamlessly. Clip your hair up at the front and leave some tendrils falling down the back for added glamour.

What’s your favourite look? Follow us on Instagram or leave a comment below! We’d love to hear from you and get your ideas on how you style your natural black hair.

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