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7 Best Natural Hair Products to Define Black Afro Curly Hair

7 Best Natural Hair Products to Define Black Afro Curly Hair

When you’ve got natural afro curls, you don’t want to hide them away. No, we want to shout about them from the rooftops and let those coily, curls bounce in all their beauty!

But how do we get enviable curl definition without coating our hair in a bunch of chemicals? We say no thanks to chemicals and yes! to natural afro hair with defined curls.

You can get the best African clothes from us but what about hair products? We’ve scouted around for the best natural products on the market, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your fabulous natural afro curly hair will not suffer from damage or breakage.

KeraCare Defining Custard

Anything that appears as though it should be on the dessert menu gets my vote!

KeraCare Defining Custard contains ayurvedic botanicals, argan and Abyssinian oils to help you achieve shiny, well moisturised and beautifully defined curls with minimal frizz.

Wash and condition your hair before applying the custard to small sections from roots to ends while your hair is soaking wet. Use either your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to detangle and allow to air dry, then separate or arrange your beautifully defined coils!

FyeCurls has a wash and go KeraCare Custard tutorial that’s worth checking out.

Texture My Way Keep It Curly Stretch & Set Styling Foam

To get springy curls, apply Texture My Way Keep It Curly Stretch & Set Styling Foam – which is enriched with shea butter and olive oil – from root to tip on dry or damp hair. Then twist, braid or rod set your hair and wait for it to dry (under a gentle drier or by air drying) before finger styling.

For loose curls and waves, apply generously to damp hair, whilst scrunching or finger coiling hair into style.

Whatever look you’re aiming for, be it cute coils or bouncy waves, you’ll capture it with ease.

Naturally Zeze swears by this product in an easy YouTube tutorial.

Wonder Curl Get Set Hair Jelly

This jelly by Wonder Curl controls frizz and softens hair whilst defining your curls and giving added strength.

With Aloe Vera, Vitamin B5 and Witch Hazel among its natural ingredients, it also helps protect against humidity. Definitely a must in this hot weather!

Get the lowdown on a quick and easy wash and go method with Get Set Hair Jelly from Chronicurls that will leave you with well-moisturised hair and beautifully defined curls.

Agadir Argan Oil Styling & Sculpting Gel

A Love 4 Me demonstrates this gel in her YouTube tutorial.

After separating damp hair into sections, run the Agadir Argan Oil Styling and Sculpting Gel through from root to tip and sculpt, shape and style before air drying or diffusing hair.

This product will allow your perfectly defined curls to hold their shape all day.

Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie

This (non drinkable!) Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie restores hair moisture and keeps frizz out whilst giving you shiny, bouncy and silky curls with great definition.

Enriched with silk protein and neem oil, the smoothie helps hair stay healthy.

If you’re stuck for time, this product is great to use for wash and go: simply work through damp hair from root to tip.

You can watch 20pearlsNcurls define her short natural curls here.

Miss Jessie's Quick Curls

This lightweight styler is blended with essence of ginger flower and lime fruit to make your hair smell great as well as give you stunning natural curls.

Simply work Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls (link to product) through damp hair before drying and you are good to go on your gorgeous way with soft, touchable, delectable curls!

Lexis Hair shows how she uses Quick Curls to add enviable definition in this video.

As I Am Curling Jelly

J Chavae enhance her ringlets by applying the As I Am Curling Jelly to wet hair from root to tip.

This all natural product, which contains aloe leaf extract and beetroot extract, gives highly defined coils and curls with fantastic buoyancy and vibrancy. What’s more, the definition lasts for days!

Since it contains some of nature’s best moisturisers and curl boosters, the jelly helps to minimise frizz, reduces shrinkage, and lock in all that precious moisture.

Now that your natural afro curly hair has delightful definition, get out there and show them off girls: you’re looking great!

Let us know your thoughts on any of the products you have tried. Did they work for you? Do you have alternative suggestions? Connect with the Grass-fields on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube.So you can share your top tips with us on hair, beauty and check out our ideas and suggestions on fashion, beauty and more!

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