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5 Ways To Get Your Detox On

5 Ways To Get Your Detox On

'Detox' has become a bit of a buzzword over the past few years. A lot of us have been left scratching our heads wondering what exactly it is. How many of us have seen instafamous beauties showing off various 'detox' teas on Instagram? I'd say most of us, and we're still none the wiser!

To detox is basically to find a way to get rid of harmful substances like toxins from your body. Whether through diet, a new exercise regime, or even treatments, the idea is to leave your body feeling refreshed and born anew. Sounds great right?

As the year rolls on, some of us may be inspired to try something new and be our best selves. Stick with Grass-fields for the rundown on how you too can get your detox on.

Give me the tea

Who would have thought that something as simple as tea could hold the key to a nice cleansing detox? You don't have to break the bank and buy 14-day supplies of whatever en vogue tea brand you've seen promoted on Instagram. Simple green tea could be the perfect base for a liquid detox. Check out the tips at Food Fusion for three simple ways to make a detox tea using green tea.

Live that smoothie life

Fruit and vegetables have always been a good bet for boosting your health and refreshing your body. With a good balance of different fruits and vegetables you can easily get the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. We know it can take a lot of time - and mess - to eat everything whole, so why not make a smoothie? Blend your favorite fruits and veg together, with yogurt, milk, soya milk - whatever base you like - and get your healthy fix that way. Watch Divas Can Cook to get some ideas and find out what a smoothie detox did for her.

Stay hydrated

It may sound simple - and perhaps a bit boring - but water is the perfect accompaniment to any detox plan! Staying hydrated is crucial for making sure you're alert and working to your full capacity. It's the most natural way to help flush out your organs and keep you in tip top condition. Watch Khichi Beauty for some ideas and how to mix it up by adding in lemon.

Let the juice loose

Want to get all the fruit and veg goodness and stay hydrated at the same time? By detoxing with juice you could get the best of both worlds! There are so many different recipes, we don't know where you'd begin! They all involve different fruits and vegetables and some times a little pepper or spice to help them along. You don't have to buy an expensive juicer, you can simply use a standard blender or smoothie maker, as long as you don't mind straining the pulp to get the juice out! Better still, just add more water if you want to keep all the nutrients. Let What's For Din'? show how to make a popular green juice without a blender.

Get your sleep

Funnily enough, our final detox and refresh tip is nothing to do with food! Even if you're not a student who is off for the summer, you can still make the most of your time and make sure you're catching enough Z's. Sleep is essential not only just to stop you feeling tired. Really investing in your sleep will boost your immune system, allow your body to rest and restart, and could even prevent weight gain. Take some tips from Natural Ways to find out how certain plants could help you get longer and better quality sleep.

All you need to get your detox on! Let us know if you've tried these and what you thought.

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