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How To Enjoy Nature In Kenya

How To Enjoy Nature In Kenya

Kenya is hard to beat when it comes to travel. This East African travel staple is full of bustling cities, rich with history, and has a thriving cultural life. However, if you would prefer to reacquaint yourself with the natural world, Kenya is still a great choice. With stunning animal and plant life as well as breath-taking scenery, the country is well-equipped to help you immerse yourself in all things natural. Here's how to best enjoy nature in Kenya.

Head out on safari

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There's no better way to get in touch with nature than by going on safari. Kenya is home to 39 national parks and reserves, which are home to the stunning animals Kenya is known for. Samburu National Reserve is just one of the incredible parks you could choose to visit.

Nestled on the banks of the Ewasgo N'giro river in central Kenay's Samburu Country, the park gets its name from the region and an ethnic group that lives there. The park is home to an incredible range of wildlife, and is the perfect place to visit and take in the natural world.

Go hiking in the mountains

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Tanzania might be famous for Mount Kilimanjaro, but Kenya can still hold its own when it comes to mountains. Home to many mountains and hiking trails, Kenya is a trekker's paradise.

Why not head to Mount Logonot? Just an hour out of the capital Naroibi, this craterous marvel is actually a volcano. But fear not, it has not erupted in almost 200 years and is considered inactive. Hike up to the top for an incredible view.

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Take a walk in the jungle

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You don't have to keep to the jeep if you want to commune with nature. For a real taste of lush wilderness, head to Kakamega Forest, an ancient land. Kakamega is the last remaining sliver of equatorial rainforest in Kenya, and well worth the trip.

You can fly to Kisumu International Airport and get a taxi to the stunning forest, which is just an hour away.The Kenyan government has launched an effort to double the country's forest cover by the year 2022, so hopefully Kakemega Forest will continue to thrive.

These are just some of the ways you can make the most of Kenya's natural beauty. Next vacation sorted!

Anything you'd like to try? Where would you like to go for a dream natural vacation?

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