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5 Ways To Use Castor Oil To Revive Your Hair

5 Ways To Use Castor Oil To Revive Your Hair

Are you a natural afro curly sista trying to achieve your length goals? The struggle is real! But don't let the naysayers get to you, it's not unachievable! For far too long natural afro hair has been held hostage to the myth that long hair is unachievable.

But time's are changing. A number of bloggers, and women of African descent around the world, are busting this myth wide open and we’re inviting you to join the movement!

Are you ready to join the ranks of those who are proving that curls and length are not mortal enemies? You’ll be floored by the number of length goals your curly tresses will achieve and surpass!


We’ve decided to share with you five easy-to-make natural, afro curly hair magic potions that natural sistas use to encourage the growth of their afro curly hair. These mixtures work by strengthening the hair and works for all curl types and patterns. Yes, that means they can work for your curls as well!

The recipes all include castor oil that has been used for centuries by elders in Jamaica and many other countries to strengthen and maintain skin, scalp and hair health.

So, here are 5 ways you can use Jamaican castor oil to revive and grow afro hair. Good news, you can easily make them at home!

The Castor Oil Cure

For the castor oil cure recipe, you’ll need to measure out 2 tablespoons of castor oil. For best results, use Jamaican black castor oil, it's highly recommended by natural afro curls around the world! Here’s what you will also need:

Mix the ingredients together and massage into your hair and scalp. Let it stay overnight to penetrate the hair follicles and then wash and shampoo your hair. Use as a moisturizer, as needed, and watch your hair thrive in response!

Castor oil is rich in vitamin E and other nutrients that leave your hair stronger, thicker and longer. Blogger @curlynikki swears by its effectiveness for hair growth.

But we know one blogger’s word will not suffice.

So we invite you to see castor oil in action by checking out Vannie3000’s youtube video:

Buttered Up from Root To Tip


The ingredients for recipe number two can easily be found in your kitchen and surprise, surprise, castor oil is an ingredient as well. The main ingredient here is eggs though and you’ll need two or three depending on the thickness of your hair. The eggs will provide your hair with the vital strength-restoring proteins it needs.

Melt your shea butter (best done by placing it in a closed container and then immersing in boiling water) and use a mixer to combine the ingredients, adding the eggs last (when the mixture has lost its heat. Apply the mixture to your hair as a deep treatment and let your hair 'marinate' for about two hours (if you cover your hair with a steam cap, remove it after 30 minutes) before rinsing with cold water. Using cold water is very important as it helps to prevent the egg being ‘cooked’ in your hair.

Avocado - A Smooth Operator

Love the taste of avocado? Well, guess what? Your hair will love it even more. Try this recipe below.

Mix the avocado and banana together until no clumps remain and then add the egg to the mixture. Use as a deep conditioner/treatment.

Or alternatively, you could try YouTuber PRETTYDIMPLES01's avocado conditioner here:

Coconut Dreams

If you’ve got coconut oil in your cupboards then you already have the main ingredient for this next recipe. This oil, like castor oil, has been a favourite among Jamaican grandmas through the ages.

This is a quick recipe which only requires that you combine the ingredients, massage into the hair, leave on for a minimum of thirty minutes and then rinse with warm water.

The Multi-Purpose Blend

Looking for a recipe that combines healthy oils and is great for skin as well as hair? This next recipe is for you!

Combine the ingredients in a bottle. Shake well and apply to your hair.

Natural afro curls are known for their uniqueness in behavior and we’re sure your hair is no different. There is, therefore, no one-size-fits-all solution to natural African hair growth. But any regimen that will keep your hair moisturized and strong will allow you to retain length. Try out the recipes (you can also experiment with the portions) and see which one your natural afro curly tresses love best.


Which of these are you going to try? Maybe you've already tried a few and what to tell us your results. Let's get talking on Twitter and in the comments below, it's always great to hear from you!

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