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5 Easy Tricks To Tame Natural Afro Curly Hair

5 Easy Tricks To Tame Natural Afro Curly Hair

No doubt we all love our natural afro curly hair, but sometimes it can get unruly, to the point you just wish it was more relaxed. Other times your culrs and coils simply do not respond in the manner of which we want. There is nothing wrong with wanting natural afro curls that are less wild, no doubt it will make life generally easier for us.

At Grass-fields, we want to tame that curl! By sharing 5 tricks to help you tame your curls and coils.

Deep Condition

Sounds easy and it is. Deep conditioning gets to our cuticles and allows them to get some attention. It also helps make our naughty afro curls less unruly and much hair, so it is worth doing a deep conditioning treatment twice a week. From hot oils to Mayonnaise and Yoghurts, there are various deep conditioning treatments to choose. Yoghurts are a good source of protein, so will make a great conditioning treatment to help tame hair. The battle is on, but it can be won with some diligence.

No, let's drool together over Naptural85's luscious afro curls whilst she shows us how deep conditioning should be done with Yoghurt.

Learn the Do's and Don't of deep conditioning from NappyFu TV.

Oil, Oil, Oil!

Many essential oils such as Rosemary & Burdock Root are heavenly gifts for our hair which should be utilised often as they will have more positive effects. Essential oils will keep the hair manageable and tamed. When mixed with carrier oils such as Avocado and castor oil, you will ensure your hair is getting all the Omega 3 essential fatty acids it needs.

Work the oils from the roots to the ends. When finished, your afro curly hair will smile and thank you by looking lusciously beautiful. ShawntasWay shoes us her very own DIY moisture oil

Don't Comb Dry Hair

Our kinky curly hair is special in that our curls/coils can bounce back even after lots of manipulation. It is best not to comb our hair while its dry as this can cause even more frizz. Wetting the hair and also detangling needs to be done slowly and with lots of care.

Finger detangling is the best way to avoid breakage, rather than combs, but if you must use a comb, do it carefully. DiscoveringNatural has perfected her combing technique that prevents breakage also. Watch DiscoveringNatural

Water Only Washing

It looks good when our favourite Youtube gurus perform a ‘wash and go’ on their natural afro curly hair, however, your hair does not need to be washed too often. Yes, cleanliness is key, but washing the hair too often can be drying which will certainly cause our untamed hair to become more unruly.

If you must wash often, ditch the shampoo and try a water only washing technique. Shawntas Way shows us how it is done.


If you find you still need to shampoo regularly, incorporate the method of co-washing. Co washing is short for conditioner only washing. It means skipping a shampoo and relying only on a conditioner. With this method, you get clean hair and avoid the drying properties of shampoos that cause frizz and unruly afro curly hair. Shlinda1 has an easy to follow co-wash routine if you are new to this method.

These five methods will assist in getting you a tamed natural afro curly hair. They are all simple approaches that still respects your hair's cool and curl.

Let us know your tricks to tame curly hair. We’d love to hear from you. Grass-fields fans can hear more from us by signing up for our newsletter. So, let’s keep chatting!

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