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5 Questions Naturalistas Wish You'd Leave in 2017

5 Questions Naturalistas Wish You'd Leave in 2017

The natural hair journey is indeed a struggle. From the moment you wake up with tangles caused by leaving your hair out the night before, to the minute you get to work and someone wants to touch your hair, it just isn't easy. Waking up to a lopsided Afro that will not act as it should is not a pretty sight, but having to hear random questions or statements from others about your hair is another bother, just adds to a headache.

Not everyone can relate to this struggle but being a part of this natural hair club gives us black women a bond that no one can break. So, let's laugh along at all those silly statements we hear about natural hair as we go through our day. At Grass-fields we made a list of 5 things you only hear when you have an afro of curly hair.

"Do You Wash Your Hair?"

Yes, how annoying, but take a deep breath and keep your blood pressure down. It's obvious such questions are ignorant as hell but always keep in mind that our hair is that beautiful and unique enough, to get people wondering about it.

"Can I Touch Your Hair?"

We didn't need Solange to tell us the answer to this - no, you can't! Of course, my hair is that gorgeous but it is my crown and glory. It is my territory. It is unique but not an invitation to touch, by the way. As black women, we respect ourselves so we shouldn't feel guilty when we get temperamental if other people touch our hair, especially without our consent.

"Can You Swim With It?"

Haven't we all heard that before? Those without curly hair do not have to worry as much about messing up their hair with water because shrinkage is not their issue. So if you have natural hair and water is your enemy, don't forget the many beautiful protective styles you can wear.

The secret to this statement or warning is, unless our curly hair is braided, it will not withstand a lot. This includes dips into the pool.

"How Do You Comb Your Hair?"

The Afro looks like a tower of hair that is impenetrable. The truth is it is a soft head of cotton to the touch. Yes, we do comb our hair but we use a different type of comb. Wide toothed combs are best for after washing our hair and detangling it. The pick comb is best used when picking out our tighter curls.

"Am I 4C?"

This statement often tends to come from other naturals who are trying to figure out their hair type by watching loads of YouTube videos. Yes we know they are learning but why the tension when asking such question? 4C hair is glorious and when grown to the long length it is by far the thickest and most luscious looking of all hair types. Don't get me wrong, there is no shade thrown at other hair types but I wouldn't swap my 4C hair for anything else.

Let us know what else you hear. We’d love to hear from you. Grass-fields fans can hear more from us by signing up for our newsletter. So, let’s keep chatting!

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