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5 Things You Need For A Girls Sleepover

5 Things You Need For A Girls Sleepover

Stuck on what to do for your next ladies’ night? Why don’t you host a sleepover? Think about it - it’s low maintenance, saves you money and you have the perfect backdrop for endless squad pics. With just a few props, you can turn a simple sleepover into a night to remember.

Matching PJs

Every girl gang obviously needs matching PJs. Think of all the greats: TLC, Destiny's Child, SWV, they were always in sync. This doesn’t mean you can’t add your own spin and individuality to the outfit, just stick to a colour scheme, plus, think how gorgeous the pictures will turn out!

A Lit Playlist

You can’t have a party without a banging soundtrack so don’t let your friend who’s going through a breakup pick, in fact keep her far away from the music. To make things easier, you can always put on ready-made playlists via Spotify or Apple Music. The Independent Ladies one on Spotify has some great singalongs on it and healing qualities (for the friend going through a breakup).

Party Games

Who doesn’t love a game? They can really liven the atmosphere and loosen people up to spill tea. If you like more traditional games then Jenga is always a safe bet but if you’re looking to spice it up try a game like For The Girls or Who In The Room.


Cocktail making kits are your best friends, use them! One of the perks of a sleepover is being indoors, you can have endless supplies and freedom to make whatever you want. It’s probably best to have an idea of recipes and measurements so things don’t get too out of hand early, but if they do, you can always sleep it off.

Disposable Cameras

Lastly, in order to record the lovely memories you will make, stock up on disposable cameras or polaroids. When you look back on them, you’ll be grateful to have tangible memories of the night.

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