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5 Of The Best Natural Hair Salons In New York City

5 Of The Best Natural Hair Salons In New York City

If you are a natural afro curly girl living in New York city, looking for a great salon to tame and style your afro hair can be difficult - there are just so many options! We understand that sometimes your African hair can be difficult to handle and maintain on your own, so it's important that you make a great choice when you decide to trust someone else with your updo.

Here are 5 of the best natural hair salons in New York that we feel you should (if you haven't already!) definitely make a trip to:

Bohemian Soul Natural Hair Salon – Brooklyn

663 Nostrand Ave
Brooklyn, New York

Bohemian Soul Natural Hair Salon specializes in natural and protective styling of afro hair. Their salon has a cool bohemian-electric feeling, is open seven days a week, and offers a range of awesome services: corkscrew braids big chops, crochet curls, loc maintenance, steam treatments, trims natural hair styling and many more! If you are someone that prefers/is able to detangle your hair yourself, then they will offer you a discount for doing this prior to seeing them - perfect if you're on a tight budget.

Natural Sisters Hair Salon

2063 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.,
New York, NY 10026

Natural Sisters Hair Salon is situated in the heart of Harlem, New York. They provide a wide variety of services that include natural hair styling, transitioning and relaxing hair services - a perfect option if you're having one of those “can’t deal with this” kind of days! They also offer coloring services, silk presses, protective styling and are known for their calm, comforting atmosphere, friendly staff and a service that doesn't break the bank. Sounds amazing, right?

Sabines Hallaway Natural Hair Salon

2nd Floor
450 Nostrand Ave.11216

Sabine's Hallaway Natural Hair Salon is always set to uphold the strength and natural beauty of your African hair (it also known as a full-service salon). Their extensions and weaves are 100% natural hair and they use specialized products to increase the health and growth of your hair. Sabine's is definitely the salon to go to if you want your hair to feel luscious, and you want to walk out feeling like a new woman!

Harlem Natural Hair Salon

Harlem Natural Hair.
751 Saint Nicholas Avenue.
New York 10031

Harlem Natural Hair Salon is all about healthy hair. They always strive to create beautiful styles, but also prioritize the health of your hair. For instance, they only use high standard hair products they feel will be gentle on and will nourish your hair. Their stylists are highly trained with skills that will make you feel a hundred bucks. This is probably because they really work around what compliments you! They are also always on time for their appointments (finally someone that is!) and have a great variety of services that include braids and straight hair styling, loc maintenance, extensions.

Khamit Kinks

400 Atlantic Avenue
Brooklyn, New York. 11217

Khamit Kinks believe that natural healthy hair is key to giving you more styling options. Similar to Harlem Hair Salon, their main priority is to encourage and maintain healthy hair. Khamit Kinks offers great one on one consultations, and always has a relaxed but professional atmosphere. This natural hair salon is unique in disadvising treatment if it means damaging to your natural hair but, if you insist, you will need to sign a disclaimer! They want to bring out the natural beauty of your hair and at the end of the day, you feel beautiful and comfortable with yourself if your hair feels amazing. Khamit Kinks specialize in loc’s and natural tresses, twists, weaves/ protective styles, braids, and bridal hairstyles.

Let Vlogger JoWithTheFro1 give her opinion on The Khamit Kinks Salon.

Whilst we feel the above 5 are some of the best natural hair salons in New York City, we are always open to suggestions! Please let us know in the comments below. Your African hair is gorgeous, and always deserves to be treated as such!

If you are looking to style your natural hair at home, one of the best - and most simple ways - is to work with a headwrap! We have a new head wrap collection you can see here, and we also have several Youtube tutorials about how to tie a head wrap!

You can also find more African fashion on our Instagram and Pinterest, and a great variety of advice - from travel, fashion to African recipes, on our blog.

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