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5 Easy Ways To Stop Natural Afro Curly Hair From Itching

5 Easy Ways To Stop Natural Afro Curly Hair From Itching

Natural Afro Curly hair itching? Do you find yourself scratching your head like mad in an attempt to relieve it? If it's starting to have an impact on your day to day life, then you may be looking for ways put a stop to it once and for all.

Do you need to restore your natural PH levels? Or use an oil treatment? Or get in my kitchen and make some natural handmade deep conditioner recipes?

Don't worry! All your answers are here with 5 easy ways to stop your natural afro curly hair from itching!

Restore Natural Afro PH Levels

The very first thing to do when your natural hair is itching is to restore the hair's pH. Itching generally happens when afro hair becomes too alkaline (it is naturally acidic). This can be done via a process of clarification with apple cider vinegar, peppermint essential oil, baking soda or Aloe Vera.

Let Vlogger ScienceofBlackHair explain what PH levels are:

So How do you restore your healthy texture? Watch Vlogger CONECIA show you how to make a natural PH raise!

Avoid Using Heat

This includes not just the heat from appliances, but hot water used to wash your hair too. Dry your hair naturally for a while, if you have the time. If this isn't practical, dry your hair on a cool setting or the lowest heat possible.

Let the My Natural Sistas tell you their heat damaged Natural Afro Curly hair story!

Hot Oil Treatment

This can be a very effective treatment for itchy scalp. It should be carried out before shampooing in order to mitigate the effects of shampoo and hard water. Various carrier oils and essential oils can be used to treat dry scalp. A carrier oil (olive oil, castor oil or coconut oil) combined with an essential oil such as peppermint can be particularly useful.

Watch Vlogger Freedom Styles share her recipe for one of the best hot oil treatments.

Scalp Massage

An Aloe Vera scalp massage can help to alleviate itchy natural afro hair. It can be an effective means of loosening the dead skin cells, making them easier to wash away. Aloe Vera can help to rejuvenate the scalp, promoting blood flow.

What? Scalp massage makes your hair grow? Well, thats what vlogger NappyFu TV believes! and she has the science to back it up!

Condition Hair Well

Many Natural afro curly hair conditioners containing high levels of silicone can lead to a build up on the scalp. The best thing to use is a conditioner with a very low level of silicone (or even better, none at all).

If you want complete control of what you put on your hair. Check out vlogger AuCurls Naturelle how will share her homemade conditioner.

If you have itchy natural afro hair, it's possible that you're at your wit's end looking for a solution! These tips can help to stop your natural hair from itching by treating the root cause: your dry irritated scalp. They're really easy methods and can be carried out from the comfort of your own home.

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