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3 Effective Ways To Make Natural 4C Afro Hair Curly

3 Effective Ways To Make Natural 4C Afro Hair Curly

We can all agree that curls are great no matter what age you are. All that bounce just makes a girl feel fun, flirty and fabulous!

If you love wearing African dresses you want the hair to go with it. Of course, when it comes to natural afro curly hair it’s often not easy to tame the mane. A head full of perfect curls and coils can take a lot of time and effort, let alone the time it takes to research different ways to make natural afro curly hair become never-ending ringlets of bouncy hair.

So, we thought we would check out some effective ways to bring about that bounce and make you look – and feel - fabulous.

Bantu Knots

In her tutorial for Bantu knot curls on short hair, Gloria Anne recommends starting out with freshly washed, detangled and moisturised hair.

First, part your hair into sections and twist the entire length of each section. Then wrap each twist around itself (in the same direction) to form a ‘coil’ on your head before pinning in place. Repeat this all over your head for each section.

Then simply wrap your head in a scarf and take yourself off to bed for the night!

In the morning, use your favourite hair oil and run it along each twist as you unwind all of the coils to define and give shine. Make sure you keep adding extra oil as necessary.

If you’d like to add more curls, gently divide the strands as you uncoil each section. Voila: gorgeous curls overnight.

IamRobynNeal also offers a great tutorial for a long hair bantu knots.

You can also check out Lovely Bryana on YouTube for some fantastic top style tips for curly hair, including ’10 ways to rock Bantu Knots’ which gives some great ideas for different looks.

Shingling Method

This is a great method to use for seriously defined curls. In her YouTube tutorial, the gorgeous Cie Foster says that, with a bit of care and attention, she can keep this frizz-free style for a whole week! Now that definitely sounds like it’s worth the time and effort.

To start, she applies a deeply moisturising leave-in conditioner, then divides and clips her hair into four sections (two at the front of the head, two at the back).

Then it’s time to further divide each of the four sections and spritz with water before liberally applying oil (a store bought Extra Virgin Olive Oil does the job!)

Once a section has been oiled, detangle it with a wide-toothed comb and split it into sections again, before applying a styler gel (Cie uses an Olive Oil gel). Remember to add enough to smooth the ends of your hair but not so much that you completely weigh it down, otherwise your curls will disappear!

Once the small section is well coated in the styling gel, simply run small pieces of hair between your pointer finger and thumb and watch those curls start to spring! Smaller sections give additional definition.

To finish, you simply repeat the process through every section of your hair. It is fairly time consuming but an easy method that delivers a simply stunning result.

If you are not convinced! Check out Olivia Rose's method for super defined curls.

Braid and Curl

Actually Ashly offers a really easy to follow YouTube tutorial for the braid and curl method of creating luscious curls in afro hair.

A little bit of leave in conditioner applied to newly washed and slightly damp hair gets the ball rolling. Ashly follows this up with small applications of both ‘hair whip’ and ‘hair custard’ (obviously you can use your products of choice but make sure you know how much to apply for the right effect).

Then it’s time to braid your hair: about 12-14 braids across your head should suffice. Once each three-strand braid has been completed - with an inch or two or loose hair on the end which made need additional product putting on it for extra moisture - roll it onto a hair curling rod.

Once your hair is fully dry (either naturally or by using a hair dryer) it’s time to unroll all the rods.

You then need to apply your favourite oil to your fingertips and gently take out the braids. You can then separate each section that was braided once or twice: if you do it too many times though you will lose definition. Fluff your roots to create any desired volume using a hair pick, wide-toothed comb or even your fingers, then style as desired.

Now you’ll be left with gorgeous, shiny and moisturised curls!

Going Natural? Check out this braid and Curl!

So, there you have it. Three effective and straightforward ways to get a head full of beautiful bouncing curls! Comment below if you have a good method for making your afro hair curly that you want to share. You can also follow us - @grass-fields - on Instagram for more hair and fashion inspiration!

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